Janome Spool Stand

I am so happy to have received this Spool Stand for the Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker.  No more threads hanging out to the side of the machine. The 5 pin Spool Stand will also fit on the Janome MC9450, Skyline Series and more. Check to see if your machine will accommodate it here. 

The Spool Stand comes with 5 pins so it is easy to have more than just a one spool on the machine at a time.  It also comes with a thread guide, spool rests, spool holders and 5 nets to keep your thread from unravelling – Janome thinks of everything! 

On the back of the box there are clear instructions on how to attach the spool stand to your machine. The set screws at the back of the machine are easy to access and make it easy to remove the stand anytime you want to travel with the machine.

Janome also a 2 pin spool stand.  The spool stand isn’t just for embroidery.  It is a great accessory for everyday sewing and to store your favourite coloured thread right at your fingertips.

Contact your local Janome dealer to order your 2 or 5 pin spool stand.

Happy Sewing! 



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2 Responses to Janome Spool Stand

  1. Diane Briscoe says:

    I just bought this spool stand to use on my 9450 for cones. My husband mounted it on the back of my machine but we have a problem with the spool rests – they are too tight to fit on the pins. Afraid to force them and break something. We tried both rests and neither one slips onto the pin. Please help. Thanks.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Diane,
      Are you referring to the cone holders: little plastic cone shapes that a large cone of thread stands over? If so, yes they can be a little stiff sometimes. I have never heard of that stiffness breaking a pin or the cone holder. If you wish, possibly you could “soften” them slightly under hot ( but NOT boiling) water and try again. That may make them a bit more pliable. But to be honest with you, I have never done that and never needed to do so as a firm hand to put them on the pins, was all that was required.


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