Digitizing Paintings with Artistic Digitizer

I recently discovered the world of Janome Artistic Digitizer and my creative horizons expanded! This software lets you digitize your own creations to use on your Janome Embroidery Machine. I was able to take our Virtual Artistic Digitizer classes and I learned so much! One of the things I was most excited about was that I could take any picture and digitize it so I could embroider it.

For the past couple years I have been dabbling in watercolour painting. I’m very much still a beginner but I love the process. I’ve always thought that one of my paintings would make a great embroidery and now I could make it happen!!

I wanted to start off easy so I grabbed a simple flower that I had painted that had lots of space and clear distinctions of colour.

The first time I attempted to digitize the flower I selected Auto Digitize to see what would happen. I liked the results and how it picked up multiple colours in each petal section. However, I was looking for a little more simplistic stitch out where each petal would be one colour.

For attempt two I decided to import the image as a background and then used the digitize tool to trace the petals. I love this kind of work, it’s repetitive and I can get a little lost in it. I also loved that each petal was its own object and I could move it around and adjust the size to get just the right look.

Now it came time to stitch out. Although I love the colours of my painting I’m on a coral kick right now and decided to go with two corals I have in my thread collection. I love how it turned out!

I threw it in an embroidery hoop and now it lives on my studio wall! I can’t wait to attempt more of my paintings!

Stitch On!


ED – If you missed out of the first round of Artistic Digitizer classes, NOW is your chance to sign-up for Artistic Digitizer #1, #2, #3 !

Class 1 Thursday, March 25th, Class 2 Thursday, April 1st, Class 3 Thursday, April 8th

Contact your Janome Dealer for details! Hurry! Artistic Digitizer Class #4 starts Friday, April 9th!!

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