Who let the dogs out?

Last month I shared a post on machine embroidery for stuffed animals featuring cats. I love almost all animals (sorry spiders and snakes) but those who know me well were wondering how I could feature a post on cats when I have three Basset Hounds at home. So, I’m here to redeem myself in this month’s post.

I have really grown to love this technique of making a full project using these machine embroidery files. My Janome Skyline S9 makes it so easy to set up and complete these projects in just a few hours.

You can find many of these projects by searching for machine embroidery stuffed animals. When using these on your Janome machine, you want to make sure the files are available in JEF format.

My last stuffed animal machine embroidery project was a one hoop project. This one is a two hoop project along with some appliqué techniques. It might seem overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you – don’t be scared of those projects with multiple steps!

And, even though there were quite a few steps for this project, it really came together quite quickly. I found these cute little dogs here.

This project starts with the ears. Gotta love those floppy ears! I used a lightweight stabilizer for both hoops. You want something that will be easy to tear away. Maderia Cotton Soft works really well for this.

With the ears done, you have the first hoop finished! Just trim around the ears, turn inside out and press.

After preparing the second hoop, the outline was traced and the next steps involved the appliqué pieces.

This file includes a step to trace the outline on the fabric and then you carefully cut away your excess fabric with appliqué scissors before moving on to the next step which is completing a satin stitch all around the appliqué piece to give it a nice finish.

The Janome AcuEdit app allows me to follow along at every step and also look ahead to see what’s next on my machine embroidery project.

The large screen on the Janome Skyline S9 also shows me exactly where I am in the project, right down to the stitch!

It also tells me how much time is remaining on the project. Just remember that changing thread and snipping around appliqué pieces will add to the time remaining.

There was some careful cutting in this particular project! I just went slow and it all worked out well. The great thing is the satin stitch which comes after this step means you won’t see any imperfections in my trim job.

ED – This is perfect application to use the Janome Mini-Duckling Scissors!

And as we round the home stretch, we tack the ears onto the body of the stuffy and we are almost there!

The final steps are to place what will become the back of the stuffy right side down on the hoop and complete the outline, trim, turn right side out, stuff and close by hand stitching.

I used left over quilting cotton for this project. Those fat quarter pieces work great! But you can also use felt or fleece or pretty much any other fabric. Just remember you may have to adjust the weight of your stabilizer that you use in the hoop to ensure your fabric doesn’t stretch from the embroidery.

These stuffed animals were a little bigger than the cats I made last month but there are several file sizes included and with a little adjustment in the Janome AcuEdit app, you could make them small enough to use as a key chair or gift tag. You can also design your own stuffy used the Artistic Digitizer Software!

What are you making on your embroidery machine?

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