We are so excited that today is April 1st!! Not only because April 1st is full of pranks and laughter, but because it is the start of an extra special month we have planned for you all! April is officially THREAD month!

All of our amazing Janome machines could not work without thread. Thread is often the unsung hero in the sewing world. Thread keeps everything together for us and the integrity of our creations depends on the threads we use. So this month we want to talk all things threads with you.  Not just any thread, but the best thread for Janome machines! 

Did you know that Janome has their own threads? We sure do! Plus we have great Partner Products from Madiera and Hilos Iris that we can’t wait to tell you more about! These threads can take your projects from wow to WOW!!!! We all know that with all the time we put in to our sewing projects that we are going for the all caps WOW every single time.

There’s a Madeira thread for every type of sewing; general sewing, quilting, embroidery, serging/coverhem, and MORE!

What will this month include? Great question! We will have info about all the threads we carry, tips and tricks to get the most out of thread and how to solve thread woes! If there is a thread question, we will tackle it! Feel free to add your questions below and we will cover the answers throughout the month!

Where will all this be taking place, you ask? Over ALL of our Janome Canada social media and on our Janome Life Blog!

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We can’t wait to get this month started, and that’s no fooling!!!!

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2 Responses to April is THREAD MONTH!

  1. dorothea jackson says:

    where can I get these threads in the Vancouver area? None of the Janome dealers seem to carry them


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Dorothea,

      Any of our Janome Canada dealers can order the Madeira thread boxes or treasure chests for you as those are available as single items. There are now many different boxes of thread that are available (we have been featuring them through April) from serger threads to cotton to embroidery and metallics. Yes, the dealer may not have these all in stock in store but they can for sure order any of those boxes for you as a “special” order. Not all our dealers stock the displays where you can purchase individual spools. I do know that Langley Vacuum and Sewing carries (or used to – I have not been in the store during Covid) individual Madeira embroidery thread cones. If you still have trouble getting hold of the thread you want, let us know and we will see what we can do further for you.



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