Quilting Textures

I finished the Quilt top, Now What?

How do I quilt this beautiful quilt top I’ve just spent hours sewing? This is a very common dilemma most quilters find themselves in.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you get started.

  • Is this quilt going to be washed like a baby’s quilt or is it for show?

A quilt that will be used quite a bit can have an edge-to-edge design that is not super tight. A baby’s quilt should be loose and fluffy. A quilt that is for show or display could have more quilting and even custom work like ruler or ditch work and custom block designs. 

  • What kind of design do I quilt?

I like to draw from the fabrics used in the quilt.  If the quilt has lots of flowers and leaves, I will try to match the same design elements in the quilting. In the picture below of the winter quilt with snowflakes. If the quilt is modern and has modern fabrics, I probably would not do feathers or traditional quilting.  Geometrics are great option for modern quilts, but be careful if the design has to match perfectly when rolling the quilt.

  • When do I use filler designs?

Fillers are perfect design to use around appliqués pieces. Fillers around appliqués will make the appliqué pop. Filler designs are also fun to use in negative spaces where you will see the designs.

  • Should I do custom work all over my quilt?

If the fabric has a very busy print, it doesn’t matter how much custom quilting you do – you will not see all the work you put into the quilt.  You will be wasting a lot of time and effort quilting something you won’t be able to see. Save your custom quilting for that special quilt that has lots of negative space. For middle ground, you may want to consider doing custom work on the borders and an all over design in the centre of the quilt.

  • How many colours of thread do I use on one quilt?

That totally depends on the quilting designs you are using. I would only use more than one colour if I am doing custom work on a quilt. You may opt for a grey that will blend well with all the colours. 

I will change colours if the quilt has very distinct colours, like white and black.  I would use white on white and black on black. But, if for example the quilt is black and white and I am doing an all over design and must only use one colour of thread, I will always opt for the lighter thread, in this case white. I would never use black thread on a black and white quilt.  Same goes for a navy and yellow quilt, I would use a yellow thread in this case. My bobbin thread always matches the top thread in colour. This helps with tension issues as well.

  • Where can I get inspiration of what to quilt?

The best place to get inspiration is on the many social media sites, quilt shows, your local quilt guild, your friends and more. 


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