Displaying Your Photos on the Janome M7

Did you know that you can upload your own photos to display on your Janome Continental M7? Yes, you can and I want to walk you through this process so you can personalize your own Janome Continental M7.

Janome M7 full

When you purchased your Janome Continental M7, it came with 2 CD’s. One of these, the PC Application Pack one is the one that you’ll need to install the Screen Saver Tool software which you’ll need to get those photos into your Janome M7.PC Application Pack disc - 1

This software runs on a PC, so if you are using a Mac, you’ll need to use software such as Parallels to “read” the disc.

You’ll also need a CD drive to use the disc so if you don’t have one on your computer or laptop, you’ll need to use an external disc drive.

One more thing you’ll need is a USB stick as you will transfer the files from your computer to your Janome Continental M7 by using this device.

Still with me? Good! Put the PC Application Pack disc in your disc drive and double-click on the disc when you locate it on your computer. This will open the disc and it will look like this:

Janome Screen Saver 1

You’ll notice that there are 3 programs on the disc: Quilt Block Advisor, Stitch Composer, and, the one we will be using, Screen Saver Tool. Double click on the “setup” icon to start installing this software. You’ll see the Install Launcher and will then choose “Install ScreenSaverTool” to start the installation process.

Janome Screen Saver 2

Once the Screen Saver Tool software is installed and you’ve double-clicked it to open, you will see the following screen.

Janome Screen Saver 3

With this software, you’ll be able to choose up to 5 photos to transfer to your Janome Continental M7. These images/photos will be the ones that will appear when your Janome M7 goes into “standby” mode. If you don’t know what “standby” mode is, it’s like sleep mode on your computer or laptop. This happens when you haven’t touched anything on the machine for a specified period of time. You’ll notice that the lights go off and the screen on the Janome Continental M7 starts displaying photos.

You’re able to adjust the standby timer in the Machine Settings menu on the Janome Continental M7 and you can find out how to do this in your Janome Continental M7 manual in the “Machine Settings” area (page 125 in my manual).

Janome Screen Saver 7

As you upload (open) each photo in the Screen Saver Tool software, you’ll see a coloured bar for each one of them as below.

Janome Screen Saver 4

While each photo is automatically set to display for 5 seconds, you can adjust this in the Screen Saver Tool program.

Janome Screen Saver 5

Once you’ve uploaded all of your photos, you need to write these onto a USB stick in preparation for transferring to the Janome Continental M7 and once that’s done, you can eject the USB stick and it’s then on to installing these images in your Janome M7.

This is very simple to do: go into page 5 in the Machine Settings menu and click on the sewing machine icon in the “Import/Delete” area. That’s it! Now the images you uploaded onto the USB stick will be transferring into the Janome M7’s memory and the next time your machine goes into standby mode…

Janome Screen Saver 8

you’ll see your own photos!

Janome Screen Saver 9

This is a brief overview of this procedure. Click below for a video with step-by-step instructions on using the Screen Saver Tool software with your Janome Continental M7.

YT Thumbnail Janome ScreenSaver Tool

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.


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