Spring Cleaning has never felt SEW good!

Happy Saturday everyone!

For many of us, Saturday is terrific day to catch up on some sewing. If you’re a regular follower of Janome Life, you’ll know that for the last several months; probably close to a year, we’ve featured a “Saturday Sewing” project every week.

For many of us, though, Saturdays are also our day to catch up on chores around the house, including the dreaded….cleaning the sewing room! AAHH! It strikes fear in the hearts of many, but I hope I haven’t lost you all! lol! Instead, I hope to inspire you all!

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A few weeks ago, we announced a very special partnership between Janome Canada and a wonderful Canadian charitable organization, I Love First Peoples (ILFP) who’s mandate is to empower Indigenous children and youth through education and creative expression.

Janome Canada is donating many brand new Janome 2030 QDC-B sewing machines as part of the ILFP’s Sew and Sew program. but we need YOUR help in collecting all the little goodies every sewist needs to create.

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Janome 2030 QDC-B machine

You know, pins, needles, tape measures – the ever essential seam ripper! Many of us have multiples of these items – I have 5 seam rippers – Why? How? I can only use one at a time, so I’m keeping one and donating the rest. While you’re cleaning your sewing room this weekend, instead of trying to stuff more scraps into the drawer, or bin, for example, how about making some space by donating them instead?

Below is a list of items we’re hoping to collect and ship with the machines so every young budding sewist has the tools they need to get sewing right away! A sewing machine without thread, needles and fabric, is like a car without gasoline and tires, so please help us share the love of sewing by donating any new or gently used sewing-related items.

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Donations will be accepted at our Janome Canada office, The Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON, and at our fabulous Janome Dealers listed below until May 31st, 2021.

Alliston Sewing Machine Service
122 Cunningham Dr.
Alliston, Ontario
(705) 435-9888


The Sewing Cafe 
118 Mill Street
Georgetown, Ontario

Triangle Sewing Centre 
386 Woolwich Street
Guelph, Ontario

Check out our Janome Canada website for more information about the donation drive and to read more about the I Love First Peoples organization and initiative click HERE.

Thank you all for sharing the love!

Happy Sewing – and cleaning! lol!

About janomeman

As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at classes@janome-canada.com
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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning has never felt SEW good!

  1. R. Jones says:

    Such a great initiative to be part of and although I don’t live in the ON area, I’ve gone online and made a donation to ILFP “sew and sew”. Thank you for your inspiration!


  2. Judy Walker says:

    Such a great idea, I sent fabric to georgetown with my daughter in law, just got another small pile ready when the restrictions tightened. Can you extend the date or plan to send a second lot? Our guilds aren’t meeting to share unwanted fabrics or tools.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Judy,

      I was hoping to reply to you sooner than this but the person I need to speak to has been unavailable. I strongly suspect that the time is fairly firm but I will reply again to you if there is any change to that.



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