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I had heard about an embroidery design company called Kreative Kiwi many years ago but had never actually purchased any of their designs. Recently a friend re-introduced me to these designs (thanks, Kay!) and I may or may not have gone a little crazy with my shopping cart?! One of the designs I purchased was this in-the-hoop zipper baggie. Anyone who knows me will know that I am quite the “bag” lady! This one caught my attention as it is fully lined so you see NO seams inside the baggie. Now I have probably made many hundreds (possibly 1000’s?) of little in-the-hoop zipper baggies over the years but I had never tried an embroidery design which lined the baggie ALL IN ONE HOOPING. I scratched my head a bit while embroidering the first one but the PDF directions were very clear and it was a “bingo” moment when I unhooped and turned the bag out through the hole in the lining. Really very clever. So impressed was I, that I set to making a small dent in my fabric and zipper stash. What follows is the fruit of my Kreative Kiwi fun.

There is an alphabet of monograms included with this embroidery design so you can personalize your baggie as you wish. You could also substitute a small embroidery design from your FA hoop built in category or from another source instead of the monogram.
You could also digitize your own monogram too and practice the skills you have been learning with our Artistic Digitizer classes?! And these classes are once more on offer this month – see below.

All these bags were embroidered on my Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker in the SQ23 hoop. I purchased the 8×8 design but there are other options for different size hoops. This embroidery could be done on the Janome MC500E or MC550E, Skyline S9 or MC9850. You might need to choose a different size design or adjust the size a little if necessary. Always check before buying as you don’t want to buy a design you may not be able to use.

I increased the size of some of the bags (I think by 15%) to fill my Janome MC15000 SQ23 hoop. Tearaway stabilizer was used and, of course, Madeira Polyneon polyester embroidery threads to complement my fabric choices.

Our team of educators offered 2 Machine Embroidery online classes through some of our Janome Canada dealers back in late January and early February. (Let’s Explore Machine Embroidery). The classes were fully booked and it seemed everyone had a lot of fun getting to know the many features on their Janome embroidery machines as well as making hands-on projects during the class. One of those was a tiny zipper baggie on a key chain – suitable for a lip balm or USB stick.

If you have made an in-the-hoop baggie before and if you made one or more with us earlier this year….you might like to try your hand at a fully lined baggie? These are approx 8×8 inches. Kick it up a notch or two?

The stippling and decorative stitching is all part of the design. you just follow the steps and move through the colour changes adding fabric and zipper as per the good instructions.

Each baggie only takes 30 minutes or so to make once you get the hang of it and are not needing to follow the directions step-by-step. These are quick and easy gifts to make for friends and family. You can pop a little pack of tissues or a hand cream tube or candy into one for a lovely personalized and thoughtful gift.

I needed a small cross body bag to carry my cell phone, sunglasses and keys when I go for my daily walks around my neighbourhood. So I made the one below: I omitted the corner embellishment and instead added a piece of fabric folded in half (ie doubled) to form 2 outside pockets on the front of the bag. I used the triple stitch in the built-in font section of the Janome MC15000 >> Normal sew. I entered as many stitches as I thought I would need and then rotated that line of stitching vertically to sew the pocket division in-the-hoop. I did experiment until I had the correct # of stitches to make the pocket division. This was done on the Edit screen on my Janome embroidery machine. I could have used embroidery software to edit the design but I did this quickly and easily in the Edit mode.

I also added some navy nylon webbing for loops to hold my D rings and then some “claw” bag hardware to attach the webbing cross body strap to the D rings. I have been using this bag quite a bit lately now that it has been plenty warm enough not to have to wear a jacket with pockets for my bits and pieces.

I think I may make another one with a waist strap – sort of like a fanny pack – so that I don’t have the cross body strap bothering my neck. Yes…….I can be a bit fussy but as these are SO quick and easy to make – why not?

What are you currently embroidering in your hoop?

I do hope you are having as much fun as I had with these baggies.

Here’s a closing thought for those of you who will be taking advantage of our FREE TRIAL offers of Artistic Digitizer software and/or own the software:

  • There is currently another free trial offer on NOW if you hurry to register and get your code. Applications close very soon on 15th May.
  • Did you attend any of our Artistic Digitizer classes – online classes through some of our Janome Canada Dealers? Erin teaches a SIX part series which is a very comprehensive hands on learning opportunity which we have taught multiple times since last Fall. Part 1,2 & 3 are currently on offer on 13th; 20th and 27th May at 1-4pm Eastern time. Part 4,5 & 6 are coming up in June. You are required to do Parts 1,2 & 3 before 4,5 & 6 as each part builds upon the last. Notes are supplied on the exercises covered in class and you have access to the class video for 6 months to watch at your leisure for further learning.
  • A list of participating Janome Canada Dealers will be available next week. Click here for a link to see the list. Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog post in this link to find the list of participating dealers. You will need to contact one of those dealers to register and pay for the 3 classes in the course. They will supply you with further information and the class code to log in on the specific listed days and time.

SO how about trying your hand at digitizing your very own zipper baggie?? You have the software and you are building your digitizing skills …….. so WHY NOT??

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