Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips: Madeira

Madeira Thread

The ingredient that holds everything today + the frosting on the top!

By: Liz Johnson, Senior Editor,

As sewing enthusiasts there are some elements of the craft that become so omnipresent, we can forget how important they really are. At the top of that list is: thread! Without thread, everything falls apart on the inside, and the outside – that topstitching, decorative stitching, and embroidery we love – loses its luster.

But how do you know which thread to select from the hundreds of thousands of types, colors, and brands. Our first recommendation is to look for and stick with quality, like Madeira. It has been one of our favorite brands for years, because we know we can rely on Madeira for strength, dye consistency, and color selection.

If you’ve ever struggled through a project with breaks, tangles, fading, lint build up; you know not all thread is created equally. From raw material to finished spool, Madeira uses state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes to test and inspect, insuring top thread performance under all conditions.

This attention to detail includes testing for tensile strength: how far a thread can stretch before it snaps as well as dye lot consistency and extends to how the thread is packaged with handy pop-and-lock spool caps and a variety of size options.

One thing you have to love about thread is how weight is calculated: the heavier the thread, the smaller the weight number. It would be super cool if our bathroom scales worked that way. If you want a fine thread for a delicate fabric, try a 50 or 80 weight (abbreviated wt.). If you need a thick thread for a top-stitching accent, try a 15 wt or 30 wt.

All that great thread science is one thing, but when it comes to look and feel – you need to go with your heart. We love that Janome Canada dealers have access to such a great range of Madeira Thread Collections. These boxes of eight, twelve or eighteen spools allow you to sample a thread type in a range of popular colors.

There are even gorgeous Treasure Chests of thread with up to 184 gorgeous spools.

Polyester is appropriate for the majority of fabrics and can be used for both hand and machine sewing. Madeira’s Aerofil is a great choice.

We are fans of Madeira Cotona Egyptian cotton thread with its beautiful matte finish. It is available in 30 weight as well as 50 and 80 weights that are amazing for quilting.

If you love machine embroidery, you’ll want to try Madeira Polyneon. Even though it might sound bright and flashy with “neon” in its name, the collection of 40 weight comes in all colors from fluorescents to pastels to jewels to variegated. There’s even a full metallic selection.

Going back to our cooking metaphor from the headline above, we like to think of thread as the spice that flavors our sewing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types, weights, and colors to bring out the best look and the most professional finish to your next project.

Check with your local Janome Canada dealer to discover the Madeira Thread that’s right for you.

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