Let’s take another look at the very popular Janome HD9

This Janome HD9 machine has rapidly become the Go To machine for many different types of sewists who require a strong, robust straight stitch machine.

It is extremely popular with bag makers who don’t hold back when speaking about how they love their HD9’s. I belong to the HD9 Facebook Group as well as Blue Calla patterns Facebook Group and frequently see people saying very good and complimentary things about this heavy duty machine – indeed HD stands for Heavy Duty! Celine from Blue Calla patterns is one of our Janome Canada artisans and the first machine she used with us as an artisan was this Janome HD9. She loved it so much she purchased it!

This bag was one of the first I made and it is not 100% perfect but I was proud of the accomplishment working with cork and vinyl for the first time plus silver satin for the piping. (Was I ambitious or just daft?!) The bag pattern is Swoon Patterns: The Charlotte City tote.

I notice that each subsequent bag I make, they get better or more close to being “perfect”. Don’t you think it is important to try new sewing techniques and be proud of your efforts rather than be overwhelmed and not even try? Can you spot my imperfection here? What I can tell you is that the Janome HD9 was an invaluable tool for sewing this bag as it just cruised through all those layers like a “hot knife through butter”. The narrow straight stitch foot as well as the ultra glide

Bag made by Celine at Blue Calla Creations with her Janome HD9. See this blog post. for more how to info on making a rolled handle.

But the HD9 is not just for people who make bags. People who sew with leather and vinyl and/or or heavy, thick fabrics for upholstery and marine/boating projects are particularly fond of this machine as it delivers the stitching and power they need despite using much thicker materials. Here is a link to a short video demonstrating just how this works. There is also a series of HD9 kits as optional extras. This is a link to the one for sewing leather.

The Ultra Glide foot for Janome HD9 works incredibly well for “sticky” and thicker fabrics like leather, vinyl etc.

AND the HD9 has a system with 2 different threading paths so you get the very best results when using regular thread and when you need to use a thicker, stronger thread. The BEST of both worlds I would say!

It is also a machine that quilters turn to for the precision straight stitch for piecing, walking foot quilting and free motion quilting…….not to forget mentioning the speed at which chain piecing gets done! And there is a Quilting kit for the HD9 too. For more information on the HD9 kits, click here.

Seamstresses and people who do alternations with seams, hems, zippers and more also like the speed and accuracy of this straight stitch machine. Think denim jeans, winter coats, puffy jackets, household heavy duty projects! The Janome HD9 gives them the power of an industrial machine but the portability and convenience of a smaller machine.

If you would like an in-depth look at the Janome HD9, feel free to watch this video that Michael aka Janome recorded.

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  1. Yvonne Pietrobon says:

    This has been very informative. I have the predecessor 1600 P and it I am so impressed with it.


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