We have been offering a course of hands-on virtual Artistic Digitizer classes since the Fall last year. Initially we offered a 3 part series of 3 hour classes = 9 hours. Since then, we added Parts 4, 5, & 6 which follow on from the first 3 parts but are project based classes. These are offered through participating Janome Canada dealers taught by one of our Janome Canada educators, Erin. She is so kind and patient even if you are not so tech savvy and not confident to find your way around the Artistic Digitizer software. The classes have been a huge success in terms of attendance, comments from happy class attendees. See this recent post with comments and a video.

I thought it would be good to share with you some of the successes our new Artistic Digitizers have achieved. We started a Facebook group for those who have attended our Artistic Digitizer and Artistic Edge classes. This is specifically for questions arising from the classes so is specific to class content and therefore limited to those who have attended any of these classes through a Janome Canada dealer since Fall 2020. If you don’t already know about this, be sure to head on over to Facebook and answer the 4 short questions to join this group. The group is called Janome Canada Software classes. Here is the link.

There is also another Facebook group dedicated to Artistic Digitizer and is monitored by Anne Hein of Janome America who is their Software Specialist Educator. Just look for Artistic Digitizer Facebook Group. This is a large and very active group of enthusiastic fans of Artistic Digitizer embroidery software.

This was posted on our Janome Canada Software classes Facebook group by Pat Duggan of Ontario. This was the before >> See the pic at the top where she added some sprinkles and a birthday message! Well done, Pat and thanks so much for sharing.

When Pat posted this, I encouraged others in the group to post their pics as well and reminded them all that learning a new software is not a small thing. It takes time and practice and I said something along the lines of “think back to a year ago – where you able to digitize then?” Pat replied: “Try 4 months ago. I went to my local dealer for a new sewing machine & went back the next week for an embroidery machine! I had not heard of Artistic Digitizer, didn’t know it even existed. So yes, Erin’s teaching skills are a testament to the Janome team”. Thanks, Pat for your comments. We feel so rewarded as teachers when people we teach enjoy the classes and learn new skills to use in their sewing rooms. WE LOVE SEEING WHAT YOU PRODUCE!

And here is another completed project from the second series of Artistic Digitizer. Pat made this practical BBQ apron for her hubby for Father’s Day. I think she is very clever to have digitized this so well during & after the class with Erin. GREAT project idea, Erin!

Another Janome Canada customer has had a pretty “wild” and exciting ride over the last year or so with Janome machines, software and her digital cutter. She is Wanda Feeney of Ontario. Here is what Wanda shared with me some back and what you may be very interested in seeing…..want to follow her cue and get a jump start on Christmas projects for 2021??

Project 1 from Wanda:  Janome Artistic Digitizer Software; the embroidery machine; digital cutter & printer

“With the incredible Artistic Digitizer Software, I was able to create a “themed” gift for our daughter and her husband’s first Christmas in their own home.

I found an SVG file of the Christmas ornament and “brought” it directly in to the Janome Artistic Digitizer software, where it turned instantly into an embroidery file.  From there created embroidery on some hand towels .”

“In the case of their last name initial ornament, I decided to make a theme that included a print and cut on clear vinyl sent from the Artistic Digitizer software program to my cutter and printer.

A  Christmas Card was created; a galley wrapped canvas on rustic easel; a hand towel and the most adorable little stickers .  I used the stickers on the tissue wrap as I was sending this and other creations by mail.”

WOW!!! Does that give you some ideas for Christmas projects? Do you have some special people in mind that you can totally “spoil” this holiday season……especially those you have been unable to see for a long time? Ed.

Project 2 from Wanda : Clip Art from Artistic Digitizer software and cutter and printer

“With one of the built-in designs in the Janome Artistic Digitizer Software, I was able to edit and create an image to embroider and send to my cutter and printer to create a personalized gift and message.”

Wanda told me that she did all this using her Artistic Digitizer software; Her Janome MC550E and her Janome Sewist 780DC. WELL DONE, Wanda, we are proud of you!

Lastly, something with a Janome 100th Anniversary theme:

Ok, so this was my first test stitch out using Artistic Simple Cut software to digitize an appliqué of a pair of scissors in the hoop. Never mind the wrinkles around the scissors. That was because I sprayed with Best Press after stitching and then pressed it dry. Note to self: stop doing that. Either pre-wash fabric or pre-spray and iron BEFORE hooping.

So my first choice of applique stitches was the e stitch or blanket stitch. I stitched it out and it did not cover the edge to my liking – too many fuzzies. So I went back to the software and digitized with a narrow satin stitch. I then stitched over top of what I had already done (I had not unhooked yet) I thought it was a bit better but the satin stitch could still be a bit wider. Back to the software. Below is my next test stitch out. Again it is not 100% perfect but I felt it was much better. These will be cornerstone blocks in a celebration quilt that our Janome Canada Education team is making for the Janome 100th anniversary this year. One of our educators, Monique Trudel, designed the quilt using Quilting software (she is so clever!!) and all of us are currently making blocks to sew together. Erin will finish off with doing custom longarm quilting on the whole quilt. I cant wait to see it finished. We are all making notes and taking pics as we sew and hopefully the PDF instructions will find their way on www.janome.ca >>Inspire tab >> Canadian projects. Don’t look there now for this as it is still very much WIP! But there are plenty other great projects which might inspire you to get cracking!!

I intend to add a little crystal to the screw in the middle of the scissors. Janome 100th anniversary fabric was used for the applique. These will be cornerstone blocks on a quilt.

One last point: we are all somewhere along the learning curve and we all aim to improve and get better and better at what we do. We should not be afraid to try something because we have never done it before. And we cannot expect to be experts in 5 minutes. We all have to start somewhere, practice and get support, encouragement and assistance along the way. We take our hats off to people like Pat and Wanda who were willing to share the fruits of their learning curves with us. Thank you ladies!

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