Put your Artistic Digitizer software to good use: Part 2 of our Digitized In-the-Hoop Eye/Sleep Mask



You can leave the eye mask plain without text if you wish. These were pale pink satin with minkee backing. Ed. 

Welcome back! On 7 June, we posted part 1 about how to digitize an “in the hoop” project using Artistic Digitizer software. Today we are going to stitch out our digitized creation, and see what needs to be tweaked or edited.

First you want to send your design to your machine. You can do that three ways: direct connection, USB or wifi. For more details on that click here.

Once your design is there, open it up and hoop your stabilizer. Next, stitch out your placement stitch.

Now that you know where your fabric is supposed to go, you can lay it down and stitch the tack down stitch. You may want to stiffen your fabric slightly if using a satin or something else slippery. You can use a spray like Terial magic, Best press or you could press a lightweight iron-on interfacing onto the back of the fabric. Also, you can spray the back of your fabric with Artistic Temporary Adhesive Spray to help adhere it to the stabilizer. After you have tacked down your fabric, stitch the eyelids of your eyes.

Screenshot (242)

Then add eyelashes! You can change your thread colour here if you like.

Screenshot (244)

Now it’s time for the lettering. I switched my threads from a Madeira PolyNeon to a Madeira Metallic, it’s such a lovely thread to work with. And it didn’t break once!! I did however reduce the stitching speed of the machine while using the metallic thread. Look how pretty it turned out!

Screenshot (245)

Once I finished the lettering, I realized that I didn’t duplicate my placement stitch for the elastic, or change the thread colors for the stitching to attach the backing. So once the first set of placement stitches were done, I quickly stopped the machine and went back to the beginning of that segment to do the tack down stitches.

Screenshot (246)

After the elastic was stitched in place, I pinned it with a straight pin so that it didn’t get caught in the backing fabric stitching. Then I placed some lovely double plush fabric on top of everything and stitched, making sure that an opening was left for turning.

Screenshot (247)

Now all that’s left is to remove the project from the hoop, trim according to your initial placement line, turn and topstitch!

Screenshot (248)

Screenshot (249)

I even was able to catch a few modeled pictures for you 🙂 Click here to watch the stitch-out in action on the video.

IMG-1329 (2)

IMG-1326 (2)

This is Fiona, my 10 year old Grey Tabby. She sleeps in my sewing room all day long.


This is Snickers, our 1-year old Lab mix. She was very awake during this photo shoot, she kept trying to eat the sleep mask lol!

Thanks for creating and sewing along with me this week, I hope you had fun learning something new.

Until next time,


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1 Response to Put your Artistic Digitizer software to good use: Part 2 of our Digitized In-the-Hoop Eye/Sleep Mask

  1. crazyswampgirl says:

    My Fiona (corgi-blue healer mix) buddhekhatt and pikhatt (kitties)saw that your Fiona and snickers have sleep masks and now want their own! Lol thanks for sharing


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