ARTISTIC DIGITIZER: Pattern & Design Information

Embroidery design information is essential in helping to choose the fabric, stabilizer, thread weight, and colors.  Artistic Digitizer aids our decision making by providing all these little details right on the screen for us.

Open the program and bring in one of the images for auto digitizing from the main screen.  When the design opens it is already in stitches.  We can then recolor, reorder, and resize the design to our liking.

auto digitized stitch image

The Eagle image is one of the built in designs in the Artistic Digitizer program.  We changed a few of the colors and changed the stitch order in the sequence boxes.

Before we stitch this design, we need some more details that will help us decide what choices to make at our embroidery machine.  In the lower left corner of the screen are all the details we need to aid us in our decision making.

pattern details

These details listed in the program help me to make good choices.  Since this is a fairly small design and has 9000 stitches, it tells us it is pretty dense.  We may choose to use a lighter weight thread to stitch this with so it is not so stiff.  We will also use a sturdy fabric with a medium to heavy weight tear away stabilizer to prevent puckers from the dense stitch count.  There are 14 thread changes.  Perhaps we may want to re-digitize the pattern and have fewer thread changes to make the design stitch faster.

Just because a design looks good on the screen of the program does not mean it will stitch well.  You can ruin a design that is well digitized very quickly by making poor choices at the machine.  Have your threads, stabilizers, fabric choices, etc. reflect the properties of the design itself or you can have poor results.

Artistic Digitizer helps us in our planning for the entire process by providing this critical information.


Thanks, Yvonne Menear, for this blog posts some time ago and republished here for those who are building Artistic Digitizer skills. Ed.

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