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Doesn’t your machine deserve to get out and about?!

By: Liz Johnson, Senior Editor,

No doubt your sewing machine has a special space in your home. Maybe a whole room of its own, maybe just a small table in the kitchen. It’s happy hanging out there – content to wait until you need it. But… if you could take it with you, wouldn’t that be great?!

Whether to a sewing class, quilt guild, or even on a glamorous cruise, having the ability to take your trusty machine on-the-go is a wonderful option. But, you can’t risk damaging it. And, if you have one of the larger, top-of-the-line Janome models, you’re talking about a rather heavy piece of equipment! You’re unlikely to be able to grab it with one hand and stroll away!

Your sewing machine deserves a carrying case that protects it, provides extra space for additional tools, notions, and fabric, and has smooth gliding wheels and an easy to maneuver puller bar.

We recently tested out the Tutto Bags. These are available at your participating Janome Canada retailer in a variety of sizes, up to four solid colors, and several striking prints, including three new Diamond patterns we really loved.

Choose from three sizes for sewing machines:

28” 2XLarge Sewing Machine Roller Case @ $390

Interior: 28″L x 18″H x 14”D

Top access: 23″L x 10”D

Exterior: 28″L x 18″H x 14”D

Front access: 25″L x 16”D

Weighs: 14 lbs.

24” 1XLarge Sewing Machine Roller Case @ $349

Interior: 23″L x 15″H x 14”D

Top access: 19″L x 10”D

Exterior: 24″L x 16″H x 14”D

Front access: 21″L x 14”D

Weighs: 12 lbs.

22” Large Sewing Machine Roller Case @ $278

Interior: 21″L x 14″H x 12”D

Top access: 17″L x 8”D

Exterior: 22″L x 15″H x 12”D

Front access: 19″L x 13”D

Weighs: 9.8 lbs.

Choose from two sizes for sergers

20” Large Serger Roller Case @ $280

Interior: 19″L x 17″H x 14”D

Top access: 15″L x 10”D

Exterior: 20″L x 18″H x 14”D

Front access: 17″L x 16”D

Weighs: 10.4 lbs.

17” Small Serger Roller Case @ $235

Interior: 16″L x 15″H x 14”D

Top access: 12″L x 10”D

Exterior: 17″L x 16″H x 14”D

Front access: 14″L x 14”D

Weighs: 9.4 lbs.

The thing we noticed right away was how easy it was to load and unload your machine, because the bags open from the top as well as from the side. Being able to come at it from from both the top and side makes it much easier to use the inner straps to secure the machine.

There are plenty of pockets to store all your goodies. The Tutto designers really thought through what a sewing/crafting enthusiast would need to bring. The pockets are wide enough for important measuring tools, and most can zip shut so there’s less worry about spills or lost items.

Although we felt we had ample room within the bag itself for our machine and tools, you can also stack additional bags and items on top of these rolling cases. Because of the sturdy, yet lightweight fiberglass frame, the bag can withstand up to 100 pounds of extra weight on top!

If you do a fair amount of traveling, you know how important it is that a bag’s “hardware” is top notch. You need wheels that spin and turn like an Olympic ice skater in order to snake through a crowded terminal. And, the puller bar should be long and sturdy. Tutto bags have both! In fact, the wheels have recently been upgraded even further. The puller bar is removable, which conserves space in a classroom.

Finally, the biggest surprise was how something big enough to tote the largest Janome machines could  become so small when empty. When unloaded and folded, it collapses to just 3” for storage.

If you’re ready for even more organization help, take a look at the Tutto specialty cases: the 20” Embroidery/Project Bag – excellent for embroidery units, and the Tool and Embellishment Holder – it stands up on its own built-in easel so you can have easy-reach access to all your tools.

Check with your local Janome Canada dealer to discover the Tutto Bag that’s right for you. Now through August 30, 2021 is an especially great time to check out the selection because they are all on sale for 25% off!

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