No more bouncing Bobbins!

I’m of the option you can never have too many bobbins, so I always have an empty spare waiting to be wound when needed. I also don’t like having to stop what I’m doing to wind a new bobbin if I run out while sewing, so I like to wind several bobbins right off the bat before I start. Do you do the same?

The trick is to keep those bobbins organized with all those thread ends tamed and stored conveniently at your fingertips. This is sew easy to do now with the fabulous NEW Janome Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2, available from your Janome Dealer. Just ask for part number BS2! How easy is that? lol!

No matter which type of bobbin you have for your machine; metal or plastic, the Janome Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2 will accommodate. Made of a flexible rubbery-type compound, the dividers will stretch to snuggly fit around the bobbin to keep everything neatly in place.

Janome Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2 with standard Janome “J” plastic bobbins

Even the larger, metal bobbins of the Janome HD-9 which are 1.4x larger than regular Janome bobbins will fit. You won’t fit as many, but you’ll certainly be able to hold A LOT!

Janome Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2 with metal HD-9 bobbins, which are 1.4x bigger than regular Janome plastic bobbins
Janome HD-9 Professional – 1600 stitches per minute! The most industrial-like machine in the Janome line

Stack one Janome Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2 on top of another in your sewing drawer or set near your machine as the rubbery-type compound holds it in place. Everything stays neat, easily visible and accessible so you don’t waste a minute searching for what you need!

It’s the perfect addition to your sewing room; great to take to a class or retreat, and makes a great gift, too! You don’t need to worry about which machine it’s compatible with; is it 9mm, 7mm, 5mm?; high shank, low shank?, etc. ANY sewist can use one – or MORE! You can bet I err for MORE in my sewing room, lol!

Happy Sewing!

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6 Responses to No more bouncing Bobbins!

  1. CherylAnn says:

    I got 2 of them last week. Those bobbin savers are fantastic. I love them and love sharing the “Janome Love”. Thanks Michael for sharing all the goodies that come along to make our sewing journey better.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you sew much, Cheryl! Janome is all about making things easier, so there’s more time spent sewing, so I’m happy to share all the fabulous products Janome has available to help the process along. Sew many goodies indeed, which is part of the fun!


  2. Diann says:

    Thanks for the great info. About the bobbin holder


    • janomeman says:

      You’re most welcome Diann! I’m always happy to share the Janome love, especially when it comes to sharing the exciting news of new products! Thank you for sharing the Janome love!


  3. SUCH a better design…no wasted space from the hole in the middle! Will be looking for several of these!


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