NEW Quilt Maker Pro 20!

Since it’s debut in 2017, quilters have been loving the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 longarm quilting machine. With it’s 18″x 9″ throat space, built-in stitch regular, bright LED lighting and adjustable table to fit any size space, what’s not to love?!

Sometimes though, you just need or want more; more throat space to complete larger quilts; more quilting space so you don’t have to roll up the quilt as often; a larger LCD touch screen with more capabilities and control, or maybe even more speed. You can have all of that, and MORE, with the NEW Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20!

NEW! Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 at 2500 SPM!
NEW! Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 with 20″ throat space with LED lighting

With an impressive 20″x 10″ throat space, with bright LED lighting in the centre, the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 gives you more quilting space, but in spite of it being a bigger machine, it’s still just as light and easy to move around on the carriage as Janome’s other smaller longarm quilting machines, QMP 18 and Janome Quilt Maker Pro 16. Yes, Janome now has a whole range of longarm quilting machines so you can review the features of each and decide which is the best machine for you. Check out the Comparison Chart on our Janome.CA website, and as always, check with your fabulous Janome Dealer for more information.

Bright LED lighting in the top throat of the machine washes down on the quilt so you see every detail!
Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 has a larger quilting space so there’s less rolling of the quilt

Many new convenient features include a light in the bobbin area, so removing and installing the bobbin case is easier, and every spec of lint can be seen and removed, which will help keep your machine running in tip-top condition. Check out more great features watching the demonstration video on the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

Bright LED lighting is everywhere on this machine, including the bobbin area! How cool!

Any thread can be used on the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20, but our favourite, go-to thread of choice is Madeira AeroQuilt, available from your Janome or Elna dealer. It’s polyester thread, but looks like cotton, so it’s not super-shiny as with many other typical longarm quilting threads. It comes in a array of colours, is low-lint, and we’ve had very little breakage with it, even at high speeds of 2500 stitches per minute! Love it!

Always do some test samples to check your tension – and it’s fun just to stitch and play!
Be sure to check the underside of the quilt for good tension as well

No matter which longarm quilting machine you choose; no matter it’s features, the stitch quality should be good above all else, both top and bottom. A new needle, proper threading, and adjusting the tensions are some of the steps which will ensure stitching success. Our fabulous Janome longarm quilting expert, Kelley Mckenzie has prepared a series of videos on the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20, available on the Janome America You tube channel. Kelley also has a video series on the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 and Janome Quilt Maker Pro 16, as well!

Look for more blogs and videos on the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 in upcoming posts on Janome Life. Be sure to Follow us so you don’t miss a post!

Happy Quilting!

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