Embroidered Organizer Bags

Mask mandates are different all across the country, but I am just prepping for my first road trip in 18 months and wanted something that would organize my clean and used cloth masks since I live in a province where there’s still indoor mask requirements. Of course, this clean/to wash idea can have many other uses, as well!

I love using the Janome Skyline S9 and the free Janome embroidery apps for these kind of projects.

To design the text for the organizer bags, I used the Janome AcuEdit app’s built in fonts. It was easy to develop my design, then resize and reposition the text.

The Janome AcuSetter app allows me to position my design exactly where I want it on my fabric.

First I look a photo of the fabric and lined up the hoop.

From there I can position my embroidery design using the horizontal and vertical adjustments.

And sending the finished, perfectly positioned design to the machine is easy using the WIFI capabilities of the Janome Skyline 9 (and Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker, too!)

I wanted a colour that would contrast with the burgundy fabric and chose this gold metallic Maderia thread. I sometimes worry about using metallics in a sewing machine, but this Maderia is a DREAM to work with and I never have any problems.

I just love how that metallic thread pops!

Since I wanted to keep this design simple, this was just a fold over bag with a flap to keep the contents enclosed.

I switched to the HP foot and plate (an optional accessory set for the Indigo Skyline S9 and UPDATED original blue Skyline S9) to complete the bag. It does a great job at straight stitch sewing and can navigate bulky seams with ease.

I can think of a lot of different projects to make with this kind of idea in mind. A day-bag for my daughter for daycare for any clothes that might get dirty during crafts or lunch time. Or an organizer bags for the gym or travel. Bigger versions would be great for a beach day for bathing suits and towels!

And of course, these can have options other than the fold over flap that I used, zippers and draw-string bags would both be great ideas. There are so many possibilities!

What summer projects are you sewing up right now?

Blog courtesy of Janome Canada Artisan Trina Gallop
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