Colour your World!

As creative, expressive people, we’re drawn to colour. I think this is one reason why many of us accumulate a fabric and/ or a thread stash as we love to be surrounded by the dazzling array of hues, tones and tints of the colour spectrum.

Perhaps the splashes of colour on your Janome machine was one reason why you were drawn to it. Now you can have even more fun with colour by adding these deliciously fun and attractive, yet very practical colourful Janome bobbins to your sewing room!

Clockwise from the Top Left, Butterfly Blue, Pink Cherry Blossom, Red, Janome 100th Anniversary Pink Gold

Perhaps you have a Janome Skyline S6 with hints of Indigo Blue on the machine, and blue background of the LCD screen. The machine comes with 5 blue bobbins, but they’re also available in a cute plastic box with butterfly logo. There’s 25 in the box, so you’ll always have a spare ready to go when needed!

Janome Skyline S6
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25 Janome ;Blue Bobbins in a clear plastic case with butterfly logo

Coordinate with your machine, or, perhaps choose a specific colour of bobbin for a specific type of thread. We heard this tip from many of our Janome users! Blue for polyester threads, Pink for Cotton, etc. It’s a great way to stay organized, and how you choose and sort is up to you; do whatever works for you!

The very fun and patriotic Janome 3160 QOV-C Special Edition machine honors those who serve our country, which you can read more about HERE. The red accents and 4 red bobbins included proved VERY popular when this machine hit the market last summer. Many asked for MORE red bobbins! I was one of them! lol! Red is my favourite colour, and Janome’s official colour, and, I feel a sewist can never have too many bobbins, so of course I was thrilled when this fabulous box of 25 Red bobbins arrived in our warehouse!

Janome 3160 QOV-C Special Edition
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Pack of 25 RED Janome Bobbins! Love them!

Janome has had the box of 25 Pink Cherry Blossom bobbins for some time, AND the very popular Janome 2112 Pink Cherry Blossom machine to go with it! Aren’t they adorable!? With Janome founded in Japan – 100 years ago this year! – Cherry Blossoms are a particularly special motif for us!

Pack of 25 Janome Pink Bobbins with Cherry Blossom logo
Janome 2112 Pink Cherry Blossom Mechanical Machine

Speaking of Anniversaries, Janome is celebrating 100 years in business this year, so grab these Special Edition Janome 100th Anniversary Pink bobbins, with the special Janome anniversary logo on the box before they disappear!

Janome 100th Anniversary Special Edition pack of 25 Pink Bobbins

They’re the perfect compliment to the fabulous NEW Janome 1522 PG (Pink Gold) Anniversary Special machine! For more about this machine, check out the Janome HQ Instagram Live presentation from the series, Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour, now available on the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

Janome 1522PG Anniversary Special Edition Machine

If you’re more of a neutral kind-of person, don’t want too much colour overload, we always have available the clear Janome “J” bobbin. There is a little “J” on the centre post of the bobbin, so we know it’s authentic Janome. Though the bobbin is clear, it has a special rubberized compound in it which keeps the machine quieter and prevents backlash, or birds-nesting when the machine stops suddenly at high speeds. For more about Janome bobbins and Janome needles, click HERE.

See the source image
Janome “J” Bobbins are available from Janome or Elna Dealers

Order any or ALL of these bright, beautiful bobbins from our fabulous Janome Dealers!

Happy Sewing!

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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6 Responses to Colour your World!

  1. Kathy Barry says:

    Hi there, really enjoyed your post about the bobbins. I totally agree that you just can’t have too many! And talking about the “J” bobbin, a while ago I bought a pack of generic plastic bobbins that I was assured would work with my machine because they were plastic (btw I have a MC8200QCPSE – love it!). But I found that my machine didn’t seem to work so well with them – the bobbin would jump around a bit, stitches not quite right, and the odd “clunky” sound from the machine, very disconcerting. So I checked the generic bobbin against a Janome one that came with the machine and there was a slight difference in the dimensions, specifically the height of the shaft. When I went back to using the Janome bobbins, all the above mentioned problems went away. Lesson learned! I immediately got rid of every bobbin that didn’t have a “J” on it and bought a pack of the cherry blossom ones. I’ve recently bought the blue ones too, couldn’t resist. I’d love the 100th anniversary ones to but haven’t seen them here in Australia. But if I do, I’ll get them too. I tend to wind a whole heap of bobbins all at once, going by colour- so in each bobbin case I have row of black, grey, navy and cream plus a row of other colours I don’t use so much. Thank you so much for your posts, they’re really interesting.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you sew much for your feedback, Kathy! Using the incorrect size and shape of bobbin will definitely impact stitch quality, so your caution to everyone is much-appreciated! This is often an overlooked piece of the puzzle; the machine is threaded correctly, a new needle installed, correct presser foot for the stitch, etc. but the stitching still looks weird and the machine is noisier than usual, but you don’t know why – it could be the wrong bobbin, even though by eye it looks the same as a Janome bobbin.
      Thank you for sharing your tips to keep those bobbins organized, too. You and I are sew much alike! I do the same, wind several bobbins in advance and sort by colour, so I always have one ready to go! Thank you for sharing the Janome Love down under!


  2. sewing2021 says:

    Mr. Michael Smith:   You gave an excellent, detailed video on youtube aboutJanome bobbins and needles.    Thank you so much!   You are a wealth ofknowledge about Janome machines.   When you buy a machine, the dealerusually doesn’t have enough time to go into detail about the parts because of theshort class time & number of new owners in the class.   Please keep presentingyour videos!   And the sewing machine manuals never give enough information.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you SEW much for your compliments! It’s truly my joy and passion to share the Janome Love with everyone; whatever I can do to help! There is indeed a lot of information to share about our machines, accessories and partner products, so the more resources to help share the love, the better! And yes, you can be sure I’ll continue to post new videos! Fortunately, there’s no end to the fun! Thank you for sharing the Janome Love!


  3. bspbillie says:

    I have had Janome machines for 22 yrs… I just checked my bobbins…and I have very few with a J on it.. I mean the ones that came with my machine. I’ve never bought universal off brand. Can you mention for us old timers ..that this is a new thing… I do want the pink ones… as I cuss everytime I drop one on the floor!!!!


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you for giving another very practical reason for colored bobbins – finding them more easily on the floor! How much time have we all spent crawling around trying to find the clear ones?! lol!
      It’s been several years since Janome has been putting the J on the center post of the bobbins, so it’s a relatively new thing. Thank you for sharing the Janome love!


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