Even with Top of the Line machines, there’s always MORE!

Though our Janome machines already come with many fun presser feet and accessories, there’s always MORE available. That’s part of the fun of learning a new machine, learning new techniques and learning about what’s available for your particular machine. Our bilingual Janome Accessories Guide on the Janome.CA website is a good place to start, though we need to continually update it as new machines and new parts become available. Your fabulous Janome Dealer is also a terrific resource of what’s available to help you get the most from your machine. Even Janome’s flagship Top of the Line machine, the MC15000 Quilt Maker, which already comes with so many goodies, has more presser feet, attachments and accessories available for it, many of which were developed and released after the machine debuted. Janome is always giving us MORE

photo attachement
Embroidery Couching Foot Set for the Janome MC15000 V2.11 and V3 Quilt Maker.

Expand the embroidery capabilities of your Janome MC15000 Quilt Maker by adding dimension and texture to embroidery designs using the Embroidery Couching Foot Set, Part Number 202-297-008. This is not a new accessory; it’s been around since V2.11 of the Janome MC15000, but because there is so much available, sometimes things get overshadowed, or lost in the shuffle as new products and features become available. We’ve also had A LOT of new machine owners since the start of the pandemic, so we want to make sure they share in the fun, and know about this technique, too! Watch a demonstration of the technique on the Janome HQ You Tube channel. It starts at 22mins if you’d like to watch the whole presentation. 

Janome Skyline S9 owners already have the embroidery couching accessories and designs included with the machine, and those with the embroidery-only models, MC550E, MC500E, MC450E and MC400E can pick-up the Janome Embroidery Couching Foot Set, Part Number 202-316-004 and download the 10 FREE embroidery couching designs on the Janome Global Site.

Embroidery Couching (2)
Add texture, dimension and FUN with Embroidery Couching!

The kit for the Janome MC15000 V2.11 and V3 Quilt Maker contains two special patented embroidery couching presser feet labeled PC – 1 foot for thinner yarns and PC – 2 foot for thicker yarns. The yarn guide fits into the hole at the top of the machine where the secondary spool pin goes, and the yarn “funnel” goes over the needle bar screw, which helps feed the yarn into hole in the center of the presser foot. As always, full instructions are included in the blister pack. The designs themselves are available as a FREE download on the Janome Global Site. 

One of 10 FREE embroidery couching designs available to download from the Janome Global Site.
The “funnel” and patented embroidery couching foot keeps the yarn feeding directly under the needle.
Embroidery Couching Designs (2)
7 embroidery couching designs sized for the SQ14 5.5″x5.5″ hoop of the MC15000
Embroidery Couching Designs (3)
3 embroidery couching designs sized for the SQ23 9.1″x9.1″ hoop of the MC15000

There are 7 embroidery couching designs sized for the SQ14 5.5″x5.5″ hoop and 3 designs sized for the SQ23 9.1″x9.1″ hoop, but you can combine and resize the designs for larger hoops, as well, using the editing functions built-in to the machine. Once the designs have been downloaded to your computer and saved to a USB stick, insert into one of the ports at the side of the Janome MC15000 V2.11 or V3 Quilt Maker and you’re good to go! You can select which presser foot to use based on the thickness of the yarn in the machine settings.

Embroidery Couching 15000 screen

Our fabulous Janome Canada educator, Celine, stitched this beautiful panel with the 10 FREE embroidery couching designs available to download from the Janome Global Site. If your machine is not compatible to do embroidery couching, not to worry, so long as your embroidery machine has a USB port, you can still download these designs and stitch them out as normal. Use however you wish! 

10 motifs en laine
10 Embroidery Couching designs available as a FREE download on the Janome Global Site.
fil motif
Use the embroidery couching designs without yarn, as well! They make a great quilting designs, too!

Be sure to check with your Janome Dealer to see how you, too, can add this fun technique to your repertoire and get MORE from your Janome embroidery machine! 

Happy Sewing! 

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at classes@janome-canada.com
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6 Responses to Even with Top of the Line machines, there’s always MORE!

  1. CherylAnn says:

    Michael, you mention the 15000 V2.11 and Quilt Maker, what about the original 15000, which I have? it has been upgraded with each version, so it is now up to Version 3 which is the Quilt Maker. I’ve purchased the couching foot, but I want to be sure that I can use it on my machine. I don’t want to do any harm to any of my wonderful Janome machines.


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Cheryl! The embroidery couching attachment came out after Version 2 of the MC15000, so, as long as Version 1 is updated to at least Version 2, you’ll be good to go! Thank you for sharing the Janome Love!


  2. Johanne says:

    will the new couching attachment work on the MC12000 ?


  3. Donna Jacoby says:

    Will this work on the M7?

    Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Donna, No, the Embroidery Couching attachment will only work with embroidery machines, but there is the Free Motion Couching Foot for 9mm machines, which will work on the Continental M7. It’s sew fun! Part Number is 202110006, available from Janome dealers. Happy Sewing!


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