ARTISTIC DIGITIZER: Dealing with Overlap


An embroidery design is created from many elements.  Those elements look best when the under laying stitches do not bleed through or create a bump in the top layer of stitches.  To accomplish this we need to remove over-lap elements.  Artistic Digitizer has a tool to aid us in this design issue.

Building an embroidery design is like creating a puzzle.  The elements can interconnect to create a smooth design.  A space is created in one element where another element can ‘plug into’ the space.  Just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, it all fits together to create an overall design.

Below you can see design we created to look like a blue moon with a bright evening star.  The elements were created using the shape tools and decorative stitches assigned to each element.  We also added decorative stitches to the star edge.

moon and star.jpg

Since the design elements are open space stitches, we really don’t want the under laying stitches to bleed through and show on the top stitches.  Artistic Digitizer recognizes that this over-lap of stitches can be an issue.  There is an automatic function that will remove these under laying stitches.

Click on the top shape with the selection tool. slection tool  In the properties box at the right side of the screen, under the fill heading, you can see there is a menu at the bottom of the screen that says ‘remove over laps’.  The default for the program is set to automatically remove the overlap as you draw your shapes.

remove overlap

There is a drop down menu under this remove overlaps heading so you can change the setting if you wish.

overlap optionsmenu

Sometimes you may not want to remove the overlap.  Under laying stitches could actually help support top stitches that are completely encompassed inside a shape.  The choice is always yours to make.

You can easily see the over-lap removal in the sequence box when viewing the design in the manual mode instead of the auto mode.

removed overlap sequence

This is just another great way that the Artistic Digitizer does the thinking for us as we design.  This makes the process quick and easy.


Thank you, Yvonne Menear, for more helpful information in this republish of janomelife post. Good information is well worth a second look! Ed.

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