NEW! Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional!

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent full page advertisement in the Country Register newspaper, or have seen posts on various social media from Janome’s around the world, but now we can share the exciting news HERE that the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional is making it’s official debut in Canada! YAY!!!

Our Janome Canada dealers were recently sent all the info, so be sure to contact them for more information and to order. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! (wink, wink! lol!) Use the Find a Dealer tab on our Janome.CA website to locate a Janome dealer near you.

NEW! Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional !

This is definitely the machine we’ve been waiting for! Garment sewists especially will rejoice that we can now make a professional Top Cover stitch quickly and easily in ONE step, which is just one of the fabulous new features of the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional.

A professional Top Cover finish in ONE step using the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional!

The NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional is similar to the previous coverhem models; the Janome CoverPro1000CPX and Janome CoverPro 2000CPX, but you’ll see right away how it differs as it has 1 extra spool pin across the back. That extra spool pin is for the thread used with the extra-special, retractable and Janome patented Top Cover spreader. In fact, there’s quite a few new, patented features debuting with this machine!

The addition of a 5th thread creates the special Top Cover stitch.

The built-in needle threader of the Janome AT2000D air-thread serger has been a HUGE hit, so Janome developed an even more slick needle threader for the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional. YES, a built-in needle threader for ALL 3 Needles!

Our Marketing/Advertising guru, Alan, created this animated graphic showing how easy it is to thread the Left, Center and Right needles. Brilliant!

A new and improved feeding system adds to the versatile feeding power of this machine. Knits or wovens; lightweight to heavier, thicker layers, the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional can handle it all thanks to the patented feed dogs which are higher, wider-spaced, and cut differently than in previous machines. The unique configuration allows for more contact with the fabric, so the feeding is consistent no matter the fabric, or the stitch being used.

You’ll instantly feel the feeding power of the new Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional.

If needed, it’s easy to adjust the machine for different thicknesses and weights of fabric, often with just a flick of a switch, specifically the Fine/Standard (STD) lever. For fine, delicate fabrics switching to the Fine setting adjusts the take up lever’s timing and softens the needle thread tension, yet maintains the looper tension, so puckering or tunneling between the needles will be eliminated. The stitching remains flat, which is just what we want and would expect from a professional coverhem or top-cover finish. Regular thread tension adjustments can also be made easily with the lay-in tension control dials for each of the 5 threads. The Instruction Manual gives settings suggestions for various fabrics and techniques.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cp3000p-detail-tensiondials-fine.jpg
Automatically adjust the needle tension to prevent puckering/ tunneling between the needles on fine, more delicate fabrics with just a flick of the switch!

Improved lighting is always at the top of the list when developing a new machine, and once again Janome delivers with the addition a retractable overhead light, similar to that of the Janome MC 9450. It’s great when a feature which works so well on one machine can be brought over to work equally well on another.

Bright LED lighting just where and when you need it!

While the Janome Clear View Foot is not a new foot for CoverPro machines, it is INCLUDED with the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional! This foot is especially helpful to use when hemming in the round; lining up the end of a row of stitching with the beginning. For all other Janome CoverPro machines, it’s an optional accessory, available from your Janome dealer.

Increase visibility with the Janome Clear View Foot – included with the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional.

For those of you already familiar with our previous Janome CoverPro models, you’ll be thrilled that the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional has the same easy thread guides and quick release of the looper, which makes threading a breeze! While Janome is always trying to come up with new things, they also realize what works well, so it’s like, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! lol!

Unlike many traditional sergers, threading the looper in the Janome CoverPro machines is a breeze!

Another feature of all Janome CoverPro machines repeated on this new machine is the free-arm capability, though the extension table of the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional has a notch to place your finger at the side of the table, which makes it even faster and easier to remove to convert to the free-arm. Janome really does try to think of everything!

Easily convert to a convenient free-arm, perfect for sleeve hems and leggings!

To see more of the NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional in action, check out the video on the Janome HQ You Tube channel, and the Instagram LIVE presentation as part of my weekly series, Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour on the Janome HQ Instagram Page. Also look forward to more upcoming blogs here on Janome Life. Be sure to Follow us so you don’t miss a post!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. sewsparklyn says:

    I ordered mine this morning and will have it tomorrow, very excited 😊. I love my 2000cpx, but really looking forward to a needle threader, and top cover stitch. 🧵✂️✂️🧵


    • janomeman says:

      Fabulous! Congratulations! I too, love my CPX2000, but that Top Cover stitch alone is SEW fabulous, and yes, the needle threader to make the whole process faster and easier is a definite game-changer! Happy Sewing!

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