Sharing the LOVE of Sewing – UPDATE!

Janome Canada and I Love First Peoples partnered to bring NEW sewing machines and supplies to Indigenous communities across Canada!

We asked, and MANY, MANY, MANY of you delivered! Oh, did you DELIVER!

I’ve posted a few times about the fantastic partnership between Janome Canada and the Canadian organization I Love First Peoples, which will bring NEW Janome 2030 QDC machines to remote Indigenous communities across Canada, as part of the ILFP’s Sew and Sew Program.

We put out the call to you, our loyal and generous Janome fans, for donations of fabric and sewing supplies so the kids, from Grade 4 to Grade 12, will have everything they need to create as soon as they open the boxes. Read all about the donation drive and our Janome Dealers who collected donations for us in previous Janome Life posts. Use the Search box on the right to quickly find whatever topic you wish!

Our Janome Canada Educator, Amanda, has been an absolute treasure helping me sort through all the donations at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre, in Oakville, ON. No, she’s not shy, she’s just literally up to her armpits in donations! lol!

Amanda had to literally climb over bolts of fabric and boxes to get to all the boxes and bags in the corner!

Amanda set up multiple labelled boxes so we could start sorting into categories. For fabrics we have Knits Scraps; Knit Yardage; Cotton Scraps; Cotton Yardage; Other; Panels; Kits. For notions we have Scissors; Pins; Needles; Machine Needles; Tape Measures; Rotary Cutters; Other; Thread – and more! The list and number of boxes needed kept growing as we sorted through and emptied the bags and boxes of donations.

The start of Sorting!

The above photo is how the day started; half a dozen boxes on one table. The below photo shows how the day ended! We had to add a few more boxes, and we still need to add a few more as they’re all overflowing – overflowing with love!

Boxes overflowing with fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

A good reliable iron is an essential piece of equipment no matter what type of sewing one does, so Amanda and I were impressed to see some irons donated in the mix as we started sorting.

Sewing and PRESSING go hand in hand

We were indeed very impressed with the number of irons we uncovered by the end of the day – and we’re still not done all the sorting yet!

Amanda-approved! Yes, she tested every iron just to make sure they were in good working order before we boxed them up to ship to the schools
SEW many scissors donated!

By the end of the day, we had added 3 more tables and several more boxes to continue the sorting process. And we’re still not done sorting yet!

Any quilt shop would be envious to have all this fabric! lol!

As you can see, we still have some sorting left to do, but at least we can see Amanda, and the office furniture again, lol! The process is FAR from over, so look for another update as we share the love of sewing with the I Love First Peoples Sew and Sew program and with YOU!

Thank you sew much for all your generous donations! We truly couldn’t do this without your support! Thank you!

Happy Sewing!

About janomeman

As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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6 Responses to Sharing the LOVE of Sewing – UPDATE!

  1. Allan and Isabelle says:

    What an incredible story of giving to others. Such a great idea. The students will love it.



    • janomeman says:

      Thank you SEW much! Yes, we’re very excited to share the love of sewing, especially with budding young sewists who’re looking to express their creativity and have some fun! Thank you for your support!


  2. Sonia Rockwell says:

    I have fabric to donate and live in British Columbia in the Fraser Valley. Is there somewhere I can do this


    • janomeman says:

      HI Sonia, thank you sew much for your support! Our donation drive, however, wrapped up at the end of May, so perhaps you’d like to contribute to the cause by making a financial donation directly to the I Love First Peoples website.
      We’ve had a wonderful outpouring of support, so we’ve already been discussing the possibility of another donation drive next year. Stay tuned for details, and maybe we can take some of that fabric off your hands and pass it along next time ’round, lol! Happy Sewing!


  3. Renate Shepherd says:

    Wow! That’s amazing. I give all my ‘extra’ fabric, scraps, cutting boards etc. to a local teacher who uses it for less fortunate students who can’t afford material or supplies to do school projects.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you, Renate. Fabulous to hear you’re sharing the love of sewing, as well! Thank you sew much! Happy Sewing!


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