High Performance Laptop Case

After a long time not seeing my parents, I was finally able to make the drive to spend a week with them. I needed to take my laptop with me and had two options on how to pack it: protect it between my clothes in my luggage or carry a separate bulky case. I wanted it protected in a case but I also wanted to include it in my luggage.

I remembered the Monet mini charm packs I received at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference a few years back. They have been waiting for the perfect project and this was it. I chose 88 mini charms, and once arranged I stitched them into rows and then stitched the rows together. I get my best quarter inch seam on my Janome MC 6700P by using the Janome HP (High Performance) foot with the HP needle plate. The machine automatically orients the needle to the left when the Janome HP needle plate is snapped in. There’s a small hole which alleviates fabrics getting pushed into the machine. It’s similar to the straight stitch needle plate, but has only one small hole to the left, and is designed to use in conjunction with the HP foot, or Janome AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade HP2 foot.

Note, the Janome HP Needle Plate and HP Foot are compatible with the following models: MC15000 Quiltmaker and updated versions of the MC15000, MC9400, MC9450, Indigo Skyline S9, and updated versions of the Skyline S9, MC6700P, Continental M7 and MC6650. The MC6650, however, is not compatible with the Janome AcuFeed Flex HP2 foot as that machine does not have the AcuFeed feeding system.

I used a stiff fusible product for the ‘batting’ along with muslin for the backing. Switching my foot to the Janome Acufeed Flex Dual/ Twin foot holder with the Open Toe AcuFeed Flex foot (OD), I quilted a simple crosshatch through the layers.

Because the ‘batting’ is such a stiff product, I needed to add the zipper without bending the batting. I added binding to the backside of the edge and attached the zipper while topstitching the binding to the front. The top side of the zipper was attached under another binding strip. This binding was stitched to the right side of the fabric and then the zipper was attached once again by topstitching the binding into place. Binding was also attached down the sides and tabs were added to the zippers to finish off the laptop case.

It’s the perfect size to hold my laptop, power cord, and mouse and fits neatly amongst my clothing in my luggage.

Melissa Marginet – Janome Artisan – http://www.melissamarginet.ca

About melissamarginet

Melissa Marginet is an avid quilter whose passion is to teach and inspire other quilters. She is known for quilting with a walking foot and travels Canada to teach her techniques and empower quilters to quilt their own quilts on their home sewing machines. She is now also offering her classes online. She has published two books, “Walking Foot Quilting Designs” and “Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs” as well as several quilt patterns. You can visit her website melissamarginet.ca to find out more about her and see her work.
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