Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Arrow Sewing Chairs!

Arrow Chairs – Sew4Home Mini Review

Have a seat. Let’s chat for a moment about your sewing set-up. As you sit, think about whether or not you’re comfortable. Is your back well supported? Is the height of your chair appropriate for the working level of your machine? Is your chair cute? Granted, that last question isn’t necessarily going to impact your posture and comfort, but having your chair covered in a fun, colorful fabric can certainly impact your mood!

We took a look at the Arrow Sewing Chairs available at Arrow/ Kangaroo Dealers exclusively from Janome Canada and were impressed with both the variety and features available at a very competitive prices. 

Arrow Four Post Chairs

These chairs were an immediate favorite with the S4H team. The solid wooden design makes them very sturdy, but that stability doesn’t mean they sacrifice creativity. We loved the scalloped seat base edges on three of the chair design combos – just a super cute touch. But, of course, if sleek and simple is your preference, there’s an option for you as well. Choose from a white scalloped wood base with fabric featuring either novelty sewing notions or jumbo bright buttons; an aqua scalloped wood base with the novelty sewing notions fabric, or a straight cut oak base, again with the sewing notions fabric. Lift up the padded seat to reveal a hidden storage area for notions or patterns. Smart and space saving!

Cute Scallop detail and a fun print brightens up any sewing room!

Good looking? Check! So, how about the comfort features. We liked how the wide back rest provided targeted lumbar support. The heavy duty casters on all four legs roll smoothly across most flooring surfaces, and we didn’t have any issues with them leaving marks on a hard floor. Each chair is rated to hold up to 250 pounds. 

Arrow Four Post Wooden Leg chairs are available in a variety of finishes and fabric patterns and colours.

Finally, take note that the chair height is 22”. This particular chair is not adjustable, so make sure this is a height that will work with your sewing machine cabinet, table or counter. 

The Arrow Four Post Chairs are available at Arrow/ Kangaroo dealers exclusively from Janome Canada, starting at $399 CAD on select models, September 15th – October 29th, 2021! That’s over a $100 savings!

Arrow Hydraulic Chairs

Not everyone in the S4H studio is a fan of “sitting still”, so they gravitated to the Arrow Hydraulic Chairs. With easy adjustable height controls and smooth rolling wheels, these resemble a traditional office chair… but with SEW much more style. The hydraulic base itself only comes in black, but you can can pair it with six different whimsical print fabrics or five rich solid colors. We were total fans of the super cute Sewing Cat’s Meow fabric. All the fabric selections are a durable, upholstery fabric – the same as used above on the Four Post Chairs.

Arrow Hydraulic Chairs in signature Janome fabric.

We loved the seat storage on the Four Post Chairs, so we were delighted to see it on these Hydraulic Chairs as well. It’s a pretty unique feature for this type of chair design that can swivel side to side. Good idea, Arrow! 

All Arrow chairs have hidden storage under the seat!

The base features five wheels with easy-roll casters. Cheap adjustable chairs often only have four, which can make moving more difficult. We had plenty of mobility around our sewing space. 

The chairs raise and lower with fingertip lever control from approximately 18” – 22” and support up to 250 pounds.

The Arrow Hydraulic Chairs are available from Arrow/ Kangaroo dealers exclusively from Janome Canada starting at $399 CAD on select models, September 15th – October 29th, 2021. That’s over a $100 savings!

Visit your participating Janome Canada Dealer for a free “test sit.” The more comfortable you are when you’re sewing, the longer you can work in comfort and creativity. 

But remember, it’s always a good idea to get up to move and stretch during your sewing time. If you’d like more information, check out our S4H article: Keep Fit While You Sit: 10 Simple Exercises for Sewers.

Ed: for the month of September and October, Janome Canada is offering some terrific promotions! Check with out the Janome.CA website for details!

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  1. Judith caldwell says:

    your info for arrow chairs says thes chairs are available for $399?september to October 2021 perhaps there should be a little more current data for 2022 as I believe there was a huge price increase and it should be represented in this current blog info to be fair to us sewers.


    • janomeman says:

      HI Judith. This blog was published in September 2021 to help advertise the special sale on Arrow chairs which was on running at the time. Since there isn’t a current special sale being offered on the chairs, today’s blog on Arrow Chairs and Sew Comfortable Seat Cushions did not include any reference to pricing, or sales promotion. Please contact any of our Janome Canada dealers for up to date pricing inquiries. Happy Sewing!


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