Learning your Janome CoverPro3000 Professional

You did it! The NEW Janome CoverPro3000 Professional is in your sewing room. Congratulations! You will never regret treating yourself to this wonderful machine.

Once you unpack the machine, you may be wondering where to start?

First, you need to open the well illustrated instruction manual and thread your machine for every function to make your samples. The machine already comes threaded with small cones of white thread, but, to better understand what each thread does; to identify it’s position within the stitch, I strongly suggest to use the same color of thread, or near to it, as on the colour-coded thread tension dials.

In the above picture, there are two different fabrics used in the samples; the shorter one (on the top) is a stretch fabric. I folded part of the sample to show the result of the sewing on the right side of the fabric and on the wrong side of the fabric. The long sample (on the bottom) is a quilting cotton. Again, I folded the fabric to show the result of the sewing on the right side and on the wrong side of the fabric. You need to sew test samples so you know you’ll get the results you desire in your finished project.

A question you will likely ask yourself is, “Which kind of thread do I buy for the Janome CoverPro3000 Professional?” Well, as usual, Janome makes this easy. Janome Canada is the distributor of Madeira and Hilos Iris threads, so you can order your thread from your Janome Dealer!

  • Madeira Aerolock Premium Serger thread is a top quality, core-spun thread guaranteed to last through frequent washes or strain. Made of 100% core-spun polyester, this thread is perfect for sergers/overlock and coverlock machines, like the Janome CoverPro family of machines. Like all Madeira thread, each cone undergoes extensive quality testing to ensure flawless stitches every time. You can use this thread in the needles and in the looper.
Madeira Aerolock serger thread available from Janome Canada dealers.
Madeira Aerolock Starter Pack with 4 cones of six popular neutral colours.
  • Madeira Aeroflock Premium Serger Thread is exceptionally smooth and, when it comes to stretch, there’s no competition! Perfect for knit and stretch fabrics, it maintains high elasticity for durable results, stretching stronger and longer. Its 100% polyester and is bleachable, and does not shrink or melt when ironed. Madeira Aeroflock is a great choice to use with sergers/overlock machines and CoverPro machines in the loopers. It provides excellent coverage for Rolled Hems on the serger!
Madeira Aeroflock polyester thread available from Janome Canada dealers.

Below is a sample of all the stitch possibilities available on the NEW Janome CoverPro3000 Professional.

On the samples on the left, we call this type of stitch a Cover Stitch; parallel rows of stitching on the right side and the cover stitch, or cover hem stitch on the wrong side which finishes off the hem edge.. The sample on the right is what we call the Top Cover Stitch, which has that same cover stitch or cover hem stitch on BOTH the right and wrong sides of the fabric. The NEW Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional achieves this in ONE easy step! Which one to choose? Well, this is up to you; which one you prefer, which looks the best or is the most suitable for the fabric you are using.

The Janome Clearview Presser Foot for CoverPro machines is INCLUDED with the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional.

Sometimes, you can find a real good deal at the store; the kind of deal where it wouldn’t be worth your time to try to sew it for less. It’s faster to personalize a garment than to sew it from scratch, so let’s add some stitching with the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional!

The sundress below is plain and the seam allowances were twisted inside and wouldn’t lay flat, so I decided to sew a Top Cover Stitch to add embellishment and to lock the seam allowances down so they’d lay flat. Even if the garment is sewn, it is easy to decorate as this one is not lined. It was easy to follow the seams as I used the Clearview Foot, which is included with the machine. It is also available in a separate blister pack as an optional accessory for the other Janome CoverPro machines.

I prefer to use the same color of thread as the dress…no mistakes when it is tone on tone. I used the Madeira Aerolock thread in the three needles and the Madeira Aeroflock thread in the looper and Top Cover Spreader to add that bit of stretch, compatible with the stretchiness of the dress. The Top Cover Stitch adds a subtle decorative touch to a plain neutral garment, and truly makes it your own.

The dress on the left off the rack, the dress on the right with added Top Cover Stitch along the seam lines.

When you try the machine out for yourself, you will notice that it is sewing very smoothly, is relatively quiet and not jumping around on your table. Important features are often hidden inside the machine, like the Stainless Steel ball bearings which reduces the noise and vibrations and adds to the over-all strength and durability. You will keep the machine for a very long time!

Ball bearings used inside the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional – the same as used in the top-of-the-line Janome AT2000D air thread serger!

Look for more upcoming blogs on Janome Life and our French blog, Vie La Chez Janome about the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional and, for those of you who may still be sitting on the fence, check out this video on the Janome HQ You Tube channel, and contact one of our Janome Dealers to arrange a test drive. See for yourself just how powerful, versatile and fun this machine can be!

Janome Canada Educator, Celine Ross

About Céline Ross

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  1. Susan Child says:

    What are the overall dimensions of the Janome CoverPro3000 Professional.


    • janomeman says:

      HI Susan,
      It’s approximately 14″ wide, 10″ deep and 11″ high – 22″ high with the telescoping thread guide extended. If you’re on the fence about purchasing one – Jump! lol! It’s a fabulous machine, Happy Sewing!


  2. Anne says:

    Do the coverhem machines have ‘differential feed’?


    • janomeman says:

      HI Anne. Yes! All Janome CoverPro machines, CPX900, CPX1000, CPX2000 and the new CP3000P have built-in differential feed.


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