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Our friends at Sew4Home offer some insight in getting the most from your sewing space – no matter how big it is – with their review of Arrow/Kangaroo Sewing Cabinets and Tables, available from participating Janome Canada dealers. Note, there’s still time to take advantage of some terrific savings with Janome Canada’s Autumn Sale-A-Thon. Check with your Janome Dealer for details!

Sewing involves a lot of bits and pieces, from big items like your hard-working machines to all the small tools and notions required to take your projects from start to finish. Making sure you have a place to keep everything is critical to making things easier and more enjoyable.

MOD Sewing Cabinet with Hydraulic Lift is an ideal home for the Janome Continental M7 Professional.

We’ve all likely spent our share of hours spread out on the kitchen or dining room table, and  have crawled around on the floor to cut out patterns. Doable? Sure. Delightful? Not so much. That’s where sewing furniture comes in. And before you bring out the most common objections: I don’t have enough space, it’s too expensive, I don’t like the styles – take a look at the flexibility and variety of today’s sewing furniture.

MOD 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet with MOD Electric Sewing Cabinet
A drawer for everything and everything in it’s place!

We spent some time looking at the options available in the Arrow/Kangaroo lines of cabinets and tables available from participating Janome Canada Dealers. Not every dealer has every option, but we found plenty to inspire our organization imagination. And, we were pleased to find out that most dealers were happy to special order components in order to create the best working environment.

There are five main categories we felt the Arrow/Kangaroo Cabinets and Tables fell into: 

Wrap Around Stations

Ready to spread out in style? You’ll want to consider the Aussie II, Wallaby II, and Kangaroo & Joey II. Whether you’re thinking about re-vamping an entire spare room into your sewing space or just want to occupy a corner in a larger space like a family room, these Stations open up to give you generous workspace and storage space on all sides – some even with a quilt leaf behind where your machine sits. We love the hydraulic lift ob all these models that positions your machine in either storage position, flat bed or free arm. Leave everything open and at the ready all the time, or quickly close-up to a clean finished cabinet. No one will even guess all that fits inside.

The Wallaby 11 is an ideal home for the Janome MC550E.
LOTS of room for your project to grow! The extra leaf at the back and side is ideal to use when quilting in the hoop with the AcuFil Quilting Kit available for the MC550E, MC500E, MC450E and MC400E.
Aussie 11 with over 31 square feet of sewing worksurface, so you can really spread out!

Modular Stations

This was a solution we hadn’t seen before, but one we felt made so much sense. You can build from basic to a full wrap-around station with five mix and match components. The central machine cabinet has an easy-touch electric lift with auto stops at storage, flat bed, and free arm. Surround this functional centerpiece with a five drawer unit, as well as five-thread and/or three-thread cabinets with vertical slide-out storage (a bit like spice storage bins), and a corner cabinet with an additional manual machine lift. So many configuration options.

MOD Electric Sewing Cabinet with MOD 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet with the Janome Continental M7 Professional.
MOD Squad Complete Sewing Studio with 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet, Electric Sewing Cabinet with hydraulic lift, Corner Sewing Cabinet, MOD 3 Thread Storage Cabinet and MOD 5 Thread Storage Cabinet.
Sew much versatility with the Arrow/Kangaroo sewing furniture!

Cutting Stations and Specialty Cabinets

Standing up to cut on a generously sized surface is one of the biggest improvements you can make in your sewing space. From standard adjustable cutting surfaces to cutting and storage cabinet combos, there is literally something for every situation.

Dixie Arrow Cutting Table is adjustable in height.
Dixie Cutting Table offers lots of workspace when you need it…..
……and transforms into a space-saving side table when you’re done!
Dingo 11 Storage Cabinet and Cutting Table is like a treasure chest hiding lots of goodies inside!
All your cutting supplies, scraps, extra batting, whatever can fit in the 9 drawers provided.

We were intrigued by the unique Ava Multi-Needle Embroidery Cabinet with a 1” thick top to reduce vibration and increase stability, and special flat, shallow drawers for hoops. Or – check out the Storage Cube: a four-sided masterpiece of efficiency with a flat surface that can double as a cutting station, plus five shelves, over sixty thread holders and two rods for hanging tools, ribbon reels, and more. So clever.

Ideal to keep sewing and craft items within easy reach.
Storage Cube is 21″W x 19 3/4″D x 29 1/4″ H

Small Space Stations

Sometimes, all it takes is just a specially designed table or compact cabinet to take your sewing space from messy to manageable. Easy rolling casters allow you to move theses cabinet options exactly where you want it, then lock it in place when you’re ready to work. Most are available in a clean white finish or rich wood veneer, but there are even options in fun designer colors like Tiffany Blue and Pistachio Green with vintage gingerbread accent details. 

Most Arrow/Kangaroo sewing cabinets are available in a variety of finishes to suit any décor. Check with your Janome Dealer for details.
Bandicoot 11 Sewing Cabinet


For even more flexibility, you can choose a table that folds and rolls so it can be moved from a closet out into a main room when needed. Or, take it with you to a friend’s house for a community sewing club. All three models: Gidget I, Gidget II, and the Heavyweight have manual lift machine platforms. And, their powerful steel locking legs mean when the tables are set up, they are strong, safe, and sturdy.

Gidget 1 Sewing Table is portable and can collapse to slide under a bed or tucked in a closet.

These are all good looking, well made cabinets. Most come fully assembled and carry from ten-year to lifetime limited warranties.

Price ranges start as low as under $250 for compact storage cabinets to $2,699 for the top of the line, all-in-one wraparounds, and just about everything in between. In fact, although we usually try to give you all the various pricing options, this is one time where we strongly recommend you visit your participating Janome Canada Arrow/Kangaroo dealer to put together your dream sewing space. Bring your sizing constraints, a list of the machines and items you most want to organize, and be ready to discuss the type of sewing, quilting and/or embroidery you do so your dealer can help you plan the best configuration for your budget.

Don’t forget to also ask about the Arrow Sewing Chairs to complete your new sewing, quilting, crafting space!

Happy Sewing!

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