Halloween Goodie Bag

Janome Canada is the distributor of Iris and Madeira threads, conveniently available from your Janome Dealer!

Fabric and Notions

3 Fat Quarters – mine are from Northcott

Janome ¼” Foot with guide

Madeira Black Thread





A piece of Ricrac or Ribbon

Cutting Instructions:

From the Exterior Top Fabric Cut 2 pieces 3 ½ ” x 5 ½”

From the Exterior Bottom Fabric Cut 2 pieces 5 ½” x 5 ½”

From the Lining Fabric Cut 2 pieces 5 ½” x 8 ½”

Assembling the Bag

All seams are ¼” unless otherwise noted. 

Pin one top and one bottom exterior fabric Right Sides Together at one of the short ends. Repeat for remaining top and bottom pieces.

Using the Janome ¼” Foot with guide, sew a straight seam. Depending on your machine, make sure your stitch selection is appropriate for the ¼” foot.  On the Janome MC9450 I used the Quilting icon (little curly-cue) and stitch number 2.   Repeat for the other side. I have the AcuFeed selected on the screen (in yellow) so the suggested foot to use is the 1/4″ OD foot for the AcuFeed Flex Dual/Twin holder, which comes with the machine. Janome is all about options!

With an iron, set your seam then press the seam towards the top of the bag.

With Right Sides Together, pin the two linings on the short end to the top of each of the Exterior Fabrics set. Sew a straight ¼” seam. 

Set the seam, then press the seam towards the exterior of the bag.

With Right Sides Together, place the lining and the exterior of the bag, matching the linings together making sure the top of the lining is even on both pieces.

With a pin or pencil, mark an opening at the bottom about 2” – 2 ½” wide for the opening. Starting at the bottom of the lining, sew ¼” seam all around the bag making sure to line up the seams.

Trim all four corners diagonally to reduce bulk.

Pull the inside of the bag through the opening and making sure that the corners are square.

Close the small opening by sewing close to the edge.

Push the lining back into the exterior of the bag and shape it so that the top of the bag is even. Press with the iron to lay flat.

Top stitch a ¼” or less if you wish around the top of the bag.

Fill the goodie bag with your favourite chocolates or sewing notions to give to your friends. Use ribbon or piece of Ricrac the keep it closed.

Have fun sharing with your sewing friends!

Happy Sewing!


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