Introducing Janome Jump Start

Welcome to Janome Jump Start, a Sewing Blog for Beginners!

In this new series we are going back to basics! The upcoming posts in this series will be essential for anyone new to sewing to provide you with the foundation you need to grow and expand your sewing abilities. 

Topics we plan to discuss include

  • Parts of the sewing machine
  • How to thread the machine
  • Starting to sew
  • Accessories
  • How to use the built-in needle threader
  • Knowing what needles to use/thread weight
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plus many more fun tips, suggestions, and techniques!

Already know how to sew? That’s ok too! Let Jumpstart be your refresher course. Whether you are the casual sewist looking for tips and tricks, the occasional quilter in need of a rejuvenation, or the advanced sewist in need of inspiration, this will be a great brush-up course for you, too! So, be on the lookout for posts on this fresh new monthly series! 

What’s in a name?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the name Janome? Many people think of sewing machines, or embroidery machines of some capacity. But, Janome means so much more than that. 

To get started, let’s start with the pronunciation. Seeing as this is a blog dedicated to the basics, it helps to start from square one. 

In Japanese, the word Janome (pronounced Ja-NO-me) means “eye of the snake.” 

Go ahead and say it out loud. That is a word that you can say three times fast without ever getting tongue tied. Don’t believe me huh? Go ahead and try it. Easy right? Ok, now for the story behind it. 

The company earned the name in the 1920s when founder Yosaku Ose, a pioneer in Japanese sewing manufacturing, replaced the traditional long shuttle type bobbin, in place of a round metal bobbin like we all know today. The Japanese thought the new round bobbin looked like a snake’s eye, and from the innovative design, a name was born. 

So, now you know how to pronounce the name, and what it means, go ahead and help spread the word. #janomejumpstart

Original Long Shuttle Bobbin.
Traditional Bobbin and Bobbin Case.

While the majority of the machines used today are Drop-in Bobbin Style, meaning they no longer require a bobbin case at all, it’s amazing to see how far sewing machines have come.

Drop-in bobbin style found on most current Janome models.

Beginnings of a legacy

To give a brief history lesson, Janome was the first to develop a programmable computerized sewing machine for home use, the Memory 7 in 1979, and one of the world’s first professional style home-use embroidery machines, the Memory Craft 8000. Janome technology made users’ dreams come true and opened up a new sewing machine market in hobby use. Today we continue to offer new and exciting products for the home market. 

We are now proudly celebrating 100 Years! A Century of supporting Creativity and Sewing Innovation!

Click on the link for the full company history.  100 year History

Quality Reliability Ease of Use : These are the 3 factors that go into the development of every machine we carry.

We hope you will come back for more Janome tips in the future. We will leave you with a quote from our CEO.

“We know the most important thing about our products is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience will be. That’s why we design our machines for performance, but also for comfort, quality, and intuitive ease of operation.”

Sean Seki
President CEO, Janome North America

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Happy Sewing!

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  1. Cool! I had known Janome meant snake’s eye, but not how that became the name… Thanks!


    • janomeman says:

      HI Sarah! Isn’t it cool to learn more about the history, especially in this 100th anniversary year?! Janome Jump Start will be a great resource of all sorts of information! Thank you for sharing the Janome Love!


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