Elegant Embroidered Hanukkah Napkins

When your family and friends gather around to celebrate, the littlest details can make a huge impact. Cloth napkins instantly elevate a table dressed for a special meal. Buying cloth napkins can quickly add up and it takes time to find exactly the right ones. The good news is they are quick and easy to make. When you break out your Janome Embroidery Machine you can make some napkins which won’t be found in any store. 


  • Indigo Blue fabric (Cotton or linen) squares 21”x21” each
  • I Heart Janome Thread tin 
    • Iris Ultra Quilting Cotton in Navy
    • Iris Ultra Bright Polyester in White
  • Madeira Cotton Soft Black Stabilizer
  • Menorah Embroidery File (approx $4 CDN)
  • Iron
  • Ruler
  • Kimberbell paper tape 
  • Disappearing Marking tool of your


Making your Napkin

  • Fold and press 1” under on all sides of each napkin. Then press the raw edge under 1/4” on all sides of each napkin.
  • Take one corner and fold so right sides are facing along the point making sure that 1” folded lines match up. 
  • Using a ruler line up one of the lines along the folded edge with the long edge right at the point where the two 1” lines meet. Using your fabric marker draw a line from this point down to the 1/4” fold line.
  • Stitch along this line.
  • Trim the corner to approx 1/4” of the line you just stitched. 
  • Now turn your corner back out, fold under your 1/4” folds and give a press. 
  • Using the marks on your stitch plate, sew 5/8” from the folded edge pivoting at each corner when your needle reaches the mitred corner. 

Embroidering your Napkin

  • Download and transfer your design to your machine. I’m using the 2H one colour version of the linked Menorah.
  • Hoop up scrap fabric and stabilizer similar to what your napkin is to do a test stitch out of your design. Before starting to stitch, use the baste function to further help secure and stabilize your fabric to ensure a smooth stitch-out.
  • On your cloth napkin, mark out the centre of where you want your design. 
  • Hoop your Madeira Cotton Soft Black Stabilizer and run a single baste. 
  • Move your hoop forward so you can line up your napkin and tape down. 
  • Run a single baste again to secure your napkin to your stabilizer.
  • Now stitch out your design.

Now all that is left to do is prepare (or order) your meal!

For those who celebrate, Happy Hanukkah!

Stitch on!

~ AmandaBee

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