Gifts that Keep Us Sewing Longer

With the holiday’s approaching, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite items that aren’t machines. We all have that dream machine on our list which we are saving for, but, while we save, there are a few products which will make sewing on our current machine more enjoyable. 

From the outside, sewing seems like such a passive activity and besides a needle stick, there really isn’t any way you could get hurt. The seasoned sewist will know this isn’t exactly true. Repetitive tasks can lead to injuries, not to mention how dangerous our scissors and rotary cutters can be. Many sewists don arm and wrist braces from time to time to deal with these issues, and to help keep on sewing!

Here’s my beautiful thumb brace that I’m currently sporting. Sorry, Janome Canada does not carry these items, but check your local drugstore.

Here is a run down of my favourite Janome products which help prevent injury and soreness to keep me sewing even longer!

Sew Comfortable No Slip Foot Control Pad

I sew on a hardwood floor and my foot pedal often gets further and further away from me while I sew. This leads to me stretching my right leg further and further, which ends up in hip and lower back pain. The Sew Comfortable No Slip Foot Control Pad (part number JA-FTPAD) holds my foot pedal in place and prevents it from sliding anywhere. In return, I have so much less hip and lower back pain. My Chiropractor is a big fan of this! Janome’s Sew Comfortable line has a whole bunch of cushions and accessories to make sewing more enjoyable.

The Sew Comfortable No Slip Foot Pedal Pad has a ton of room for our large foot pedals!

Start/Stop Button

Ok, this one is a cheat because it’s not really something you can buy on it’s own. It is, however, a feature on many of our Janome machines which is very underused. If you need a break from using your foot pedal or you want to sew in a location where using a foot pedal isn’t accessible (like sitting or standing at a high table) this will be perfect for you.

To use this function disconnect your foot pedal; turn your speed control down; place your project under your presser foot and press the Start/Stop. Your machine will start sewing at the speed you have your speed slider set at. To stop, press the Start/Stop button again. It is really that easy! Another cool trick is when you press and hold the Start/Stop button, your machine will sew very slowly under you release the button. How cool is that? See the video below to watch it in action!

4″ Mini Duckling Scissors

Our wrists must be protected at all cost! So many sewists are plagued with wrist and hand pain from our repetitive tasks. These 4″ Mini Duckling Scissors make trimming threads so nice. The curve of the scissors keeps your wrist nice and neutral while clipping threads parallel with your fabric. The duckbill keeps fabric out of the way to prevent accidentally cutting your project and allows you to clip super close. These are ideal to use for Applique and Embroidery, too! (Part Number 712MD)

Daylight Lamp

Daylight Halo Table Magnifying Lamp

As the nights grow shorter, many of us are sewing in the dark more and more. Eye strain from improper lighting can be a big issue and cut down on the time you can spend sewing. Daylight lamps really light up your space and help you see clearly, even when it is super dark outside. Your eyes will thank you!

We all know that sunlight is the best light to view colours, but when we’re picking fabrics in a room with artificial lighting, the colour of the light can cause us not to see the colours in the fabric correctly. Daylight Lamps give you a light as close to the sunlight as possible and really lets you see the true colours of your fabric. Watch this Janome HQ presentation to see the many Daylight options your Janome Canada dealer has in store for you.

Daylight Slimline 3 Clip-on Lamp

Janome AcuView Optic Magnifier Set (20/40/60)

Janome AcuView Optic Magnifiers in 20x, 40x & 60x

Sometimes, even with the best lighting, we need some extra magnification. The Janome AcuView Optic Magnifier Set attaches to many machine and helps you see everything bigger and better. It’s like magic! When you can see everything more clearly, you won’t be leaning forward and putting extra strain on your neck, back and eyes. (part number 202130002)

The magnification makes it easy to see every detail, even the eye of the needle.

Which one of these are you adding to your list? Maybe you are adding all of them! For more information on these products or features, head to your local Janome Canada Dealer!

Sew on!

~ AmandaBee

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2 Responses to Gifts that Keep Us Sewing Longer

  1. Debora says:

    quick questionn – I noticed a scratch right in the middle of one of my optic magnifier set lenses, right in the middle where I look at the foot/needle. Is there a trick or solution to remove scratches from these? Thank you.


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Debora, that’s a great question and one I’ll look into to see if there’s an official Janome answer, or product they recommend. Hardware stores sell glass repair solutions and extra fine steel wool which can be used to repair minor scratches in eye glasses and car windows. You might also try taking the magnifier to a jeweler or an auto mechanic who might be able to buff it out, but those are just my own personal suggestions; not an official course of action from Janome. Happy Sewing!


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