MC9450 Workbook – Quilting

As mentioned in a previous blog post, The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9450 QCP Workbook has been a real help in getting me to try new things with my much-loved Janome MC9450 QCP machine.

For example, do you have batting pieces that are too small for some projects? Why not join them together on your machine to make a bigger piece?

I have tried doing this a few times before and wasn’t happy with the results as the batting was rippled and stretched out at the seam. This time however, I used the Janome AcuFeed Flex Dual/Twin Foot Holder with the optional AcuFeed Flex Ditch Quilting (SD) Foot, Part Number 202103006 which proved perfect for this task.

Please note, I did not engage the built-in AcuFeed feeding system of the machine, even though I used the AcuFeed Flex Foot Holder and Foot. Doing so would have greyed out all but the straight stitches and I wanted to use a zig-zag to join my batting pieces together. I chose to use this foot because it’s wider, and would hold the edges of the batting down, while the guide in the middle would help align the edges of the batting without overlapping them. Its worked so well!

Page 37 of the Janome MC9450 Instruction Manual describes how to engage the AcuFeed by pressing the button in figure 1. The icon turns Yellow once engaged.

To join the batting,

  • Use the Utility stitch number 10, Tricot Stitch/ three step/ multi-step zig zag
  • I used black thread for this exercise but you can use a colour to match the batting, especially if you have white or a light colour of fabric going over it.
  • Change the length to 3mm and width to 7mm. There’s 91 needle positions on the Janome MC9450!
  • Sew slowly letting the machine do the work.

Note that some battings have a wrong side and a right side. The dimples are the right side and the “dirty” or pimple side is the wrong side. You want the right side to be facing up against the quilt top, and the “dirty” or pimple side to face down against the wrong side of the quilt backing fabric.

Now to quilting the placemat or project.

Stitch in the ditch using the Janome Acufeed Flex Ditch Quilting (SD) Foot. The metal guide in the centre of the foot runs along the ditch of the seam to improve accuracy.

  • In the Sewing Applications Menu (T-shirt icon) choose Quilting – Straight Stitch.
  • Line up the seam with the centre of the AcuFeed Flex Ditch Quilting (SD) foot.
  • To turn a corner, make sure your needle is in needle down position. You can tap the foot control pedal, use the needle down button, or turn on the Auto-Pivot function. There’s so many options with the Janome MC9450! When you get to the corner, stop and pivot your work and continue sewing. No need to cut the thread.

As another option, why not use a twin needle for a different effect?

  • In the Sewing Applications Menu, choose Quilting – Straight Stitch.
  • Place a 4mm twin needle in the machine and thread both needles in your favourite colour. Note, a 2mm wide twin needle comes in the needle pack with the machine. The Janome MC9450 also has a built-in Twin Needle function, so with a touch of a button, all other incompatible stitches will be greyed out, preventing us from accidentally selecting the wrong stitch while the twin needle is installed. It’s a great safety feature!
  • I marked a line from corner to corner using my favourite marking tool.
  • Line up the Janome AcuFeed Flex Ditch Quilting (SD) Foot with the centre on the marked line.
  • Start sewing following the line.
  • To do a crosshatch design turn the work 90′ and repeat.

Contact your local Janome Dealer to purchase your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP Workbook – they are IN STOCK in our Janome Canada warehouse, and the workbook is indeed available from Janome America dealers, as well. Be sure to check back here on Janome Life for more upcoming blogs!

Happy Quilting!


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4 Responses to MC9450 Workbook – Quilting

  1. Jeane White says:

    I have heard there is a new Janome coming out more advanced than the 15000. Is this correct?


    • janomeman says:

      Yes! Since it’s debut in 2013, the MC15000 has reigned as Janome’s Top-of-the-Line model, but later this spring an exciting new model will take the crown. Stay Tuned!


  2. Judy Walker says:

    The workbook is great, so many things to learn. Appreciate the reminder about twin needle stitching.


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