Optional Accessories for the Janome Continental M7P

Janome Continental M7 Professional

Janome’s Continental M7 Professional has many exciting new and unique features, so it requires some specific optional accessories, mainly because of it’s design. Exclusive features like the Optical Bobbin Thread Sensor in the bobbin area, and the magnet which secures the needle plate, requires the Continental M7 to have some exclusive optional accessories which sets it apart from the other machines. However, like many other machines, it’s maximum stitch width is 9mm, so all 9mm Snap-On presser feet can also be used on the Janome Continental M7. It also has an Easy Set Bobbin, which is a feature also shared on many other machines, so optional accessories like the Janome Circular Sewing Attachment and Quilt Binder Set for EASY SET MODELS will also work on this machine.

Our fabulous Janome Canada Educator, Celine, has prepared the following lists for you Continental M7 owners, so you can take them to your Janome Dealer to ensure you get the correct, compatible accessories for your machine.

Accessories Exclusive to the Continental M7 Professional

Ultra Glide Needle Plate and Foot Set – Part Number 202431006

Regular Bobbin Holder – Part Number 867513002

Low Tension/Blue Dot Bobbin Holder – Part Number 202433008

Optic Magnifier Set 20x40x60x – Part Number 202432007

Continental M7 Workbook – Part Number WBM7

Sewing Table – Part Number 494718001

Insert for the Continental M7 – Part Number 494410103

Optional Compatible Accessories – For all 9mm machines

Applique Foot – Part Number 202086002

Beading Foot Narrow Groove – Part Number 202097006

Beading Foot Wide Groove – Part Number 202098007

Binder Foot W – Part Number 202099008

Border Guide Foot – Part Number 202084000

Buttonhole Foot B – Part Number 202082008

Circular Sewing Attachment – Part Number 202135007 (Easy Set Model)

Cording Foot – Part Number 202085001

Edge Guide Foot – Part Number 202100003

Free Motion Couching Foot – Part Number 202110006

Gathering Foot – Part Number 202096005

HD Roller Foot – Part Number 202418007

Large Buttonhole Foot – Part Number 202199009

Pintuck Narrow Groove Foot – Part Number 202094003

Pintuck Wide Groove Foot – Part Number 202093002

Piping Foot – Part Number 202088004

Ribbon Sewing Guide – Part Number 200444408

Ribbon/Sequin Foot – Part Number 202090009

Rolled Hem 4mm – Part Number 202081007

Rolled Hem 6mm – Part Number 202080006

Ruffler – Part Number 202095004

Sliding Guide Foot – Part Number 202293004

Straight Stitch Foot – Part Number 202083009

Taping Guide Foot – Part Number 202310008

Optional Quilting Accessories – 9mm AcuFeed Machines

AcuFeed Flex Single/Narrow Foot Holder with standard Foot VD – Part Number 20217006

AcuFeed Flex Zipper Foot ED – Part Number 202128007

AcuFeed Flex Open Toe Foot UD – Part Number 242149004

AcuFeed Flex 1/4″ Foot OD – Part Number 859829009

AcuFeed Flex Straight Stitch Foot STD – Part Number 202102005

AcuFeed Flex Ditch Quilting Foot – Part Number 202103006

Clear View Quilting Foot OV – Part Number 202089005

Clear View Quilting Foot OM – Part Number 202216003

Ditch Quilting Foot S – Part Number 202087003

Long Quilting Bar Set – Part Number 20205003

Ruler Quilting Kit – Part Number RULERSET-HS

Quilt Binder Set – Part Number 202211008 Easy Set Model

Additional Janome Optional Accessories

Blue Tip Needle sz 11 – Part Number 200346007

Red Tip Needle sz14 – Part Number 990314000

Purple Tip Needle sz14 – Part Number 202122001

Janome “J” Bobbin – Part Number 200122647

Ruby Red 25 Bobbin Box – Part Number 200277501

Janome Scissor Kit – Part Number JASCISSORKIT

Sew Comfortable Seat Cushion – Part Number JASEATCUSHION

Sew Comfortable Lumbar Support – Part Number JALUMBAR

Sew Comfortable Foot Rest – Part Number JAFOOTPILLOW

There are sew many other fabulous accessories available for your Janome machines, whichever they may be, so be sure to check with your Janome Dealer.

To see all of these presser feet, accessories and attachments in action, watch the many presentations on the Janome HQ You Tube Channel! There are many Playlists, like the A to Z with Janome series, which features demonstrations of a variety of presser feet; A for the Applique Foot AP, and B for the Buttonhole Foot, C for Circular Attachment; H which is the Cording Foot H, etc.

Another series, Janome’s Awesome Accessory Countdown, features the Ribbon Sewing Guide and the Quilt Binder Set, including a demonstration on how to miter the corners!

As well, the Janome Presser Foot Workbook has lots of tips and exercises to help you get the most from your Janome presser feet and accessories, regardless which sewing machine you have.

Thank you sew much to our fabulous Celine for creating this content for our sister blog, La Vie Chez Janome.

Happy Sewing!

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at classes@janome-canada.com
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  1. evalitchhotmailcom says:

    Do you ever offer any classes or offer feet classes for the skyline 6?



    • janomeman says:

      Hello! Not specifically for the S6, but its a 9mm machine with AcuFeed, so all the snap on feet and AcuFeed Flex feet (with the exception of the HP2 foot) can be used on the S6. You can find demos of all the presser feet included with the S6 in the A to Z with Janome playlist on Janome HQ You Tube. You’ll find more and other presser feet and accessories demoed in the Janome’s Awesome Accessory Countdown playlist, and on the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook Page under the Videos tab. Use the Search box to find videos related to whatever subject you enter. Also check out the Bulletins tab on the Janome Global Site for more information about presser feet and accessories which are compatible with your Skyline S6. Happy Sewing!


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