How to find the right accessories for your Janome Machine!

First things first when it comes to accessories – always buy authentic Janome brand accessories!

After-market or off brand accessories may not fit snugly on your machine, which you may notice when running your machine at top speed. Any extra wiggle or movement could cause damage to your machine, or minimally, not give you the results you desire.

Just like people have different sized feet, so do sewing machines! Knowing what size foot your machine requires will help you select the proper accessory for your model.

We’ve tried to simplify the process for you, using the downloadable PDF document below. We’ve broken it down to 3 easy steps to take in order to find the right accessories for your model! 

Step 1 – Where do you insert the bobbin on your machine? 

  • Horizontal Rotary Hook- These are considered “Top Loading” or “Drop in bobbin”. The bobbin is inserted from above. This is the most common bobbin type available on Janome Machines.
  • Front Loading Vertical Oscillating Hook – This means the bobbin is inserted from the front, usually through a door that swings down on the arm of your machine as shown here. These machines have a separate removable bobbin case.
  • Side loading – Only applies to the Janome HD9 and Janome 1600P High Speed models and they have their own unique set of accessories. 

Step 2 – What is the maximum stitch width of your machine?

Many machines list the maximum stitch width in the Instruction Manual, or it can be found on the Janome website. If you’re still not sure, try setting your machine to the maximum stitch width and stitch a zig zag stitch. Either measure the width with a ruler, or place an object over the width to get an idea. 

  • If the stitch width is as wide as a small paper clip, then you have a 5mm machine.
  • If it’s as wide as the eraser on a number 2 pencil, then you have a 7mm machine.
  • (5mm and 7mm snap-on feet and accessories are interchangeable.) 
  • If the stitch is as wide as a USB stick, then you have a 9mm machine.

Step 3 – What is the Shank Height of your machine?

Shank height is only needed if the accessory attaches directly to the bar where the foot holder or “ankle” attaches. For instance, a Darning foot, or Even Feed foot. The foot holder would be removed and the Darning foot attached directly to the bar of the machine.

One quick way to find out if your machine is high or low is to lower the presser foot and measure up to the small screw which attaches the foot holder. If it’s approximately 1inch to 1 1/4inches it’s High shank. If it’s approximately 1/2inch it’s Low shank.

As a general guideline, all mechanical models are low shank. Most electronic models are low shank. All 9mm models are high shank. AcuFeed models are high shank.

For a list of accessories available for your machine, click on the Accessories tab on or and consult any of our Janome Dealers!

Until next time….

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12 Responses to Accessories

  1. bagowan says:

    Excellent explanations for all of these. Thanks.


  2. Diane says:

    Love my Janomes 6600p is 16 yrs old never had any issues with it .
    9700 Embroider/ quilting machine 14 yrs old also never had any issues.
    And just purchased the M7 last April 2021 ♥️♥️♥️ Real work horses !!!


    • janomeman says:

      Fabulous! Thank you sew much, for sharing, Diane; that’s just what we love to hear! I personally, bought my first Janome 30 years ago and it’s still going strong, though I too, sew on the Continental M7 nowadays – you can’t beat all that SPACE! Happy Sewing!


  3. sew2rest says:

    I am new to Janome, bought the M7 last spring. I love the videos and programs you have to introduce machines, accessories, techniques, etc. I am in California USA, and far from Janome dealers (3-4 hours). Michael showed some notions, specifically Janome oil and a stackable notions organizer last week. Finally found Janome oil on Etsy, but not the organizer. I think it is a new product, but I have looked on many websites that sell Janome products here in the States. My question is where can I find some of these products in Canada, and can I order there? I think you have products there that I can’t find here. I especially like the Magical Machine Mystery Tour, Ask Janome, and presentations with Celine. I learn a lot from these presentations. If you can help me, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for the great programs you have.I

    Maria Sanchez


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you sew much for your fabulous feedback Maria, and thank you for sharing the Janome love! It’s great to hear that our efforts to share all things Janome is having an impact and is well received. I know Celine loves sharing the Janome love as much as I do! The stackable notions organizer is the Smart box, available exclusively from our Janome Canada dealers. We so love and appreciate that our Janome Life blog has an international following, but sometimes the products, events and promotions we mention are only applicable to our Canadian market. The Smart boxes (and the Janome sewing machine oil) is available from Janome Canada dealers. Click the Where to Buy tab on Janome.CA to find the list of Janome Canada dealers. Happy Sewing!


  4. Sandy M says:

    Great blog. Love it.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you sew much for your feedback, Sandy. JP is indeed doing a fabulous job sharing tips and tricks and sharing the Janome love. So glad you enjoyed today’s blog! Happy Sewing!


  5. bspbillie says:

    Thank you so much… I have sold many Janome’s to my customers and friends…this is a great article… plus I am happy to know that my S7 is high shank.


  6. Pat says:

    Many experienced sewists do not know the max stitch width nor the size of the machine shank, so a great post for all.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you sew much for your feedback, Pat! We are so happy to hear the information presented in the Janome Jump Start series is helpful and of benefit, no matter how much sewing experience one may have. We’re hoping there’s useful tips and tricks for everyone. Happy Sewing!


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