Saturday Sewing – Easy Quilted Oven Mitts

I’ve had my current oven mitts far too long. I’ve heard multiple family members complain of burns while using them, so, I figured I should be a good Mum and maybe provide them with safe ones where burns won’t happen. PLUS, I just happened to have had some beautiful Riffle Paper Company Canvas laying around. It’s a sturdy, thicker canvas, so it’s pretty and practical!

Please note, if you are going to make these, I highly suggest testing all your layers together to see if 2 layers of batting is enough protection against the heat. You might want to double it up, or use a product specifically designed to reflect the heat. The fabric I used is thicker than regular quilting cotton, so choose your materials accordingly to keep safe.

I tested my fabric and batting by stacking all three layers in order on my ironing board. I turned the iron on high and placed the iron on top for as long as I dared without scorching it. I then quickly lifted it up and felt the underside to check if it was too hot, or cool enough to be comfortable. There is specific batting on the market which reflects the heat for oven mitts, hot pads, etc. so use that if you prefer. I wanted to use up what I had around my sewing room and tested my batting and fabric first to make sure I was happy with the results.


  • 16”x 42” Thicker Cotton Fabric like canvas
  • 34” x 42” Batting  (or scraps to cover your Cotton fabric in two layers)
  • 36” double fold bias tape 
  • Matching Madeira Cotona Thread
  • Basting spray or pins

Sewing Machines and accessories:


1. Fold your batting in half along the long edge with wrong sides facing. Lay your fabric on top with right side facing up and baste together using the basting spray or with pins.

2. Attach the Janome Professional Grade AcuFeed Flex HP2 Foot to the machine with the Quilting Guide Bar set to 1.25” to the right of the needle and stitch out a grid pattern over the entire piece of fabric.

3. Fold the quilted fabric in half width wise with wrong sides facing. Either trace your favourite oven mitt pattern or draw an oven mitt shape on a piece of paper to use as a template. You can use an old oven mitt as a pattern, as well. Trace 2 oven mitts and cut out going through all layers. This will give you 4 pieces.
Hint: If you trace and cut out your mitts on the opposite end of the fold you may be able to use the scraps to make a hot pad!

4. Attach the double fold bias tape edge to edge to the lower cuff of one mitt of each pair.

5. To the second mitt in each pair, add bias tape to the cuff starting at the edge below the thumb. When you get to the outside edge, keep sewing the bias tape for an extra 4” which will be used as a hanging loop.

6. Fold the loop so it is on the right side of the oven mitt and pin (see photo below)

7. With right sides facing, pin each oven mitt together. Use a 1/2” seam allowance to stitch around the edge of the oven mitt.

8. Clip around the curves and into the valley of the thumb. Turn your oven mitt right side out and admire your good work!

They are almost too pretty to use! I was able to use my left over quilted fabric to make a 8″ square hot pad! Hopefully, I won’t hear anymore complaints of burnt hands and ugly mitts. I also found this matching Recipe tin and my kitchen has never looked so stylish!

Stitch On!


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2 Responses to Saturday Sewing – Easy Quilted Oven Mitts

  1. CherylAnn says:

    Amanda, The mitts are lovely – I really like the colour print. Did you line the mitts?


    • AmandaBee says:

      Thank you so much CherylAnn! I did not line the oven mitts simply because the pair I was replacing weren’t lined. You could absolutely line them. I use a batting with a scrim but I imagine other battings may not hold up as well if they didn’t have a backing.


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