Dresses for all occasions

I’ve been on a bit of a dress making roll lately. Dresses for every occasion!

I’ve been using this pattern for dresses for a long time. I started by making this dress for my nieces when they were babies (they are now 7 and 9) and continued making them for my daughter when she was born. If you want to go down the rabbit hole with me, check out this post I did in 2018 when I made a version of this dress for my daughter for Christmas.

There’s something really comforting about pulling out a tried and true pattern and getting the expected results every single time. I know how long it takes to cut out the pattern, I know the steps and all the little tips and tricks that work best for me. And, even more so, my daughter LOVES to wear this style of dress.

In the last few weeks I’ve made both a St. Patrick’s Day dress (above, which is in a non-specific green fabric that I’m hoping if she doesn’t grow too much can double as a Christmas dress) and an Easter dress.

Perhaps you have heard me share previously about how one of my least favourite parts of the sewing process is cutting everything out. But did you know one of my favourite parts is picking out fabrics and threads?! I love thread matching!

For the Easter dress, I was able to find a sunny yellow Madeira thread to go with the yellow fabric.

And for the St. Patrick’s Day dress, I found this beautiful emerald green. Also from Madeira. Did you know Janome Canada is the distributor of Madeira threads in Canada, so you can conveniently order from your Janome Dealer!

When in doubt about whether a thread matches the fabric, always choose a thread slightly darker than your thread. And be sure to pull out a strand of thread to hold against your fabric to get a better representation of how it will look up up against the fabric.

Can I share a little pro tip with you about Madeira thread?

It has a nifty little built-in feature to help keep your thread ends neat and tidy!

When you first use a new spool of thread, you’ll notice the thread end tucked into the groves on one of the ends. If you pry that little grove open, you’ll notice that it easily pops open and closed. When you are done using your spool and ready to put it back to store till next time, pop open up the end of the spool, tuck in your thread end and close back up! This will keep all your spools neat and tidy!

I used the Janome HP foot and HP Needle Plate again with my Janome Skyline S9 for both these dress projects. You’ve heard me talk about my love for this foot before.

It handles curves so easily and was perfect for attaching the collars to these dresses.

The Janome HP (High Performance) foot also handles bulk really easily. To build out the bodice of the dress, everything gets stuffed inside the lining before turning everything right side out, which can make sewing the collar and arm holes a little bulky. The Janome HP foot just glides over everything with ease and there’s no pulling at the fabric.

My favourite part about the Janome HP foot is that it makes the most beautiful top stitch. It’s one piece from the shank to the foot; it’s attached, not a snap on foot, so there’s absolutely no wobble. It’s become my most-used accessory on my Janome Skyline S9 for sewing.

My daughter was very excited to see her new Easter dress.

And yes, I did spend extra time cutting out my pattern and then placing the collar pieces to get those bunnies to match up.

Do you have a favourite “tried and true” pattern that you go back to again and again? What are your seasonal sewing plans right now?

If any of you were keeping track, I never did get the tote I made last month back from my daughter. It is currently filled with Paw Patrol characters, lol!


Janome Canada Artisan Trina Gallop
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  1. Lisa says:

    Love these little dresses! Your pattern link is to the Geranium dress. Is that right and you have made changes or is there a different link? Thank you!


    • trinagallop says:

      Hi Lisa! Thanks for the sweet comment. Yes – the basic pattern is the Geranium dress and the designer just introduced an “expansion pack” which has the collar and sleeves that I used on these two dresses. Hope this helps! Happy sewing!


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