AcuStitch V2.10: Free Update

This software from Janome allows you to embroider geometric shapes with decorative stitches. It allows you to modify the width of the pattern, the length as well as the distance between each pattern in addition to choosing the radius, the embroidery hoop size and other small settings. For more on AcuStitch, check out the previous blogs on Janome Life.

This update is only available to users who already own the software. It cannot be installed on any computer without a previous version of AcuStitch installed. You can read more about the update on the Janome Global Site under the Software/Apps tab.

The Janome AcuStitch software is compatible with the following thirteen (13) embroidery machines:

  • Continental M17
  • MC15000 / MC14000 / MC12000
  • Skyline S9 / Atelier 9
  • MC400E / MC450E / MC500E / MC550E
  • MC9850 / MC9850SE / MC9900

What did Janome add in this little software???

  • Compatibility with the new CM17 (USB)
  • Selection of twenty (20) shapes, including 3 new ones
  • Zoom in/out with mouse wheel
  • Stitch number displayed on preview screen
  • Moves several decorative stitches at once (drag)
  • Improved ‘insert’ function (undo / redo)
  • Fixed minor issues from previous version
  • Ruler work (digital VRW format); it is a function that generates decorative stitches by automatically arranging them around the outline of the selected shape

In addition, the addition of an alphabet makes it possible to embroider letters and numbers in decorative stitches or with the technique stitch applique.

Janome Bulletin on the Janome Global Site

Download the free update, V 2.10, for your Janome AcuStitch software from the Janome Global Site. To purchase the software, contact any of our Janome dealers!

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6 Responses to AcuStitch V2.10: Free Update

  1. Hala Wafai says:

    Hi , Is acustitch a soft wear we buy separate, or it comes with our machine. Sorry I got confused as I have 15000. Do I suppose to have it with my machine , or I buy separately.

    Thank you Hala wafai



  2. Sharon Halpin says:

    What is the difference between StitchComposer (part of Horizon Link Suite) and AcuStitch? I purchased a MC15000 last year from a local dealer here in Illinois but don’t have anything called AcuStitch…


  3. Adeline says:

    When are you going to update for Apple users !! how frustrating you’re locked into Windows only


    • janomeman says:

      HI Adeline, thank you for your feedback. I think it’s likely in the works as Janome really does try to respond to user feedback. Artistic Digitizer software, for example, was built on the Mac platform, so it’s compatible for both Windows and Mac. The Janome APPS were once only for iPad/iPhone, but have now been developed for Android devices, as well. Many people want Janome to do away with discs altogether and just have digital downloads, so that’s started to happen, as well.
      For the meanwhile, many Mac users tell us they use a software program to partition their hard drive in order to run Windows, as well. OR, others says they purchased an inexpensive, sometimes reconditioned laptop just to run the various Windows based discs.
      Happy Sewing!


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