Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Universal Tables

It all starts with a good foundation.

Where did you first start your sewing adventure? If you’re like many people, myself included, you set up your machine on the kitchen or dining room table. Of course, this usually meant setting up and taking down your project to allow the table to go back to its actual job of holding plates of food! It doesn’t take long for this set-up-take-down ritual to become a problem.

We totally understand not everyone has the luxury of an entire extra room just for sewing. It’s much more likely you need to create space in a corner that is accessible, flexible, and somewhat compact. A sturdy, flat surface is the foundation you need to make it all work.

We are lucky to sew on Janome sewing machines and most often opt for cabinets from Arrow and Kangaroo that are specially designed to fit a variety of Janome models. If you’re not quite ready to step all the way up to a full cabinet option and/or if you happen to have another machine brand in your sewing space that needs a place to be, take a look at the Universal Tables available from participating Janome Canada Dealers.

Universal Side Table

These tables are designed work with most any machine on the market. The Universal Side Table is a generous flat surface on which you can simply set your machine or use as a cutting, crafting or hobby table.

The Universal Side Table is perfect to use for your serger!

With the Universal Table II, your dealer can order a custom insert for your specific brand and model number so your machine can fit perfectly into the table.

Universal Table II with custom insert – there’s an insert available to fit every machine!

For either the main table or the side table, you’ll also want to check out the set of two optional side pockets. These canvas organizers wrap securely around the legs of the table to hold notions, manuals, patterns, and more.

Optional Side Pockets provide extra storage!

The Universal Table II is 45” x 17½” x 29¾” high. It’s a great way to get the custom-fit table you need without the added expense associated with full sewing furniture. This durable, rock-solid table retails for $999. There is extra space to the left to accommodate even large quilting projects.

Plus, we really liked the idea of the optional Shelf + Drawer accessory that can hang underneath that extra surface to the left. This $160 unit lets you store smaller items, like thread, scissors, and needles in the dust-free drawer, while storing larger items like thread cones, ironing hams, and other bulky items on the easy-access bottom shelf.

Universal Table II with Optional Shelf + Drawer

You can order your custom insert for the Universal Table II as either Acrylic or solid MDF. Either option is just $80. Precision cut to be an exact, snug fit to your machine model, a custom insert plate keeps your machine secure and gives you a continuous smooth surface on all sides.

Universal Table II with custom insert

The Universal Side Table is also 45” x 17½” x 29¾”. That’s generous enough for all kinds of tasks yet compact enough to tuck into a corner. As a machine table, cutting mat station or scrapbooking surface, we were most impressed with the sturdiness. Multiple horizontal crossbars minimize vibration and the wide base keeps it from rocking. It retails for just $999 and requires limited assembly. Your dealer may be able to provide it already assembled.

The tough canvas side pockets come as a set of two for $62 and work with either model. Check with your local Janome Canada dealer for more information as well as any individual promotional details they may have available

By: Liz Johnson, Senior Editor,

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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