Keep your Foot Pedal within Easy Reach!

Have you ever sat down to sew; placed your project perfectly under the presser foot of your sewing machine; attempted to start sewing, only to discover your foot pedal is gone?! You search with your foot, and slide a little further down in your chair to extend your leg out, trying to find it, and……nothing. You finally have to get out of your chair to look under your sewing desk and to see the foot pedal way out of reach.

I often wonder how it gets that far away when I haven’t legs that long!

That happened to me so many times, and I’ve tried so many things to stop my foot pedal from running away from me. Nothing had really worked that well, but Janome has come to the rescue, yet again!

The Janome Sew Comfortable Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad is awesome! It works on all flooring types; carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, etc. and no matter what size foot pedal you have, it will stay IN PLACE! The Part Number is JA-FTPAD.

Janome Sew Comfortable Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad with Extra Large Foot Controller.

The Extra Large Foot Controller, pictured above, comes with most 9mm/ higher end machines, like the Janome Continental M7, Janome MC9450, Janome MC6700P, but, did you know that it is also available as an optional accessory for other machine models, as well? If you have a QDC (Quilt, Décor, Couture) machine, like the Janome 3160QDC, 2030QDC, 5300QDC, or the MC6650, for example, you can use the Extra Large Foot Controller with your machine, as well. When in doubt, double-check with your Janome Dealer.

Place your foot pedal on top of the Janome Sew Comfortable Non-Slip Pedal Pad and sew away! No more fussing and wasting time searching for your foot pedal, it’s right where you left it, every time.

Janome has a whole range of products in the Sew Comfortable line to help make your sewing more enjoyable, like the Memory Foam Lumbar Support and Seat Cushion pictured below. There’s even a Memory Foam Foot Rest to lay next to your foot pedal so your other leg can stay slightly elevated, as well, which reduces strain on your hips and lower back. The more comfortable you are, the more time you can spend sewing.

Janome Sew Comfortable Foot Rest Part Number : JAFOOTPILLOW

Click on the link HERE to see more products available from your Janome Dealer in the Sew Comfortable line.

Part Number JALUMBAR and Part Number JASEATCUSHION

All of these products are great to use at home in your sewing room, but, they’re also easy to pack and transport along with your machine in one of the Tutto Trolley Cases available from your Janome Dealer. Take these to your cottage, classes and retreats so you’ll be more comfortable, more organized and more productive.

Happy Sewing!

About Anne Stitcher

I have been an Educator with Janome for several years now. Crafting is my passion. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, paper tole and cook. I have so many hobbies. I am always doing something. I love to use my skills to help people in need and to pass on my knowledge to others. Happy Sewing!
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2 Responses to Keep your Foot Pedal within Easy Reach!

  1. Cathy Adair says:

    I already have the back and seat cushions. They are great could not do with out them. Really comfortable. Hats off to Janome. I love all my Janome Machines. Love your guilting classes also Anne. Cathy from NC, USA

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    • janomeman says:

      Yay! Thank you sew much for your feedback, Cathy! The Sew Comfortable cushions really do make a difference in the enjoyment and length of time one can sew. If you’re comfortable, you want to keep doing it, lol! Happy Sewing!


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