Summer Sewing

I hope I don’t jinx it but it feels like we missed spring and went straight from winter into summer here in Manitoba. My sewing definitely switches gears throughout the seasons and the recent warm weather has me thinking about summer sewing projects.

I’ve had this bucket hat on my bucket list of to-make items for a while. I love a good bucket hat but often have problems finding one that fits my head just right. I don’t like hats too tight (hat hair – eek!) but if it’s not just the right fit it will constantly fall down on your head. Sewing your own hat lets you tailor the size just so.

There are lots of bucket hat patterns available. I used this free version here for the hat I’m sharing today. But I’ve also use this free pattern here. And I’ve purchased this pattern here. Clearly, I like my bucket hats!

Bucket hats are a fun scrap buster project! I dug into some pretty florals for this project. Yes, that’s a Liberty print that you spy there below. I brought it back from some pre-COVID travels, and this bucket hat feels like the perfect use for this sunny print.

I also picked out some matching Madeira thread. I ended up using the navy thread. If I make another hat with this same fabric, I might push myself to use the yellow next time to really make the top stitching stand out. It’s sew convenient having a sampler pack of thread so you always have lots of options.

Speaking of top stitching, this project had a lot of it. I love using the Janome HP (High Performance) foot and HP needle plate on my Janome Skyline S9. I know I talk a lot about my love for this sewing machine and this foot; it’s hard not to! This machine is so versatile! I can do so many projects on it, from embroidery to apparel to quilting, and more!

The Janome HP foot is my go to for topstitching. The stitching is so accurate.

And, it’s a dream at handling curves. This project has a lot of curve detail.

I like to use a lot of pins for accuracy. I did this both when attaching the top of the bucket hat to the sides, and attaching the sides to the brim of the hat.

So many curves…

Here you can see how easily this foot moves around the curves as I topstitch the brim of the hat to add structure.

I ended up making two bucket hats – one for me and one for my daughter Elliana. We are both pretty excited to have matching hats! And apparently if you fold down the brim they are great for keeping the sun out your eyes or just hiding from Mom.

Do you sew to the seasons? What is your current spring/summer project? When you topstitch do you generally choose a matching colour or a contrasting colour?


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3 Responses to Summer Sewing

  1. Lovely project and such happy pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Linda says:

    Love the hats! Thanks for the instructions for sewing curves. Did you use SPF fabric?

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    • trinagallop says:

      Hi Linda! I did not use SPF fabric for these particular hats as I was raiding my stash and using up some smaller pieces – which works perfectly for this project. But SPF fabric would be a wonderful addition to this bucket hat!


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