Janome Presser Foot Workbook

Yes! Janome has a Workbook for presser feet which is an excellent resource for any sewist’s library. There’s also several additional addendums available, like how to use the Janome Quilt Binder Attachment. You’ll find out all the functions one presser foot can do with little tips and tricks and exercises to help you learn how and when to use each presser foot.

Many of these presser feet come with a variety of Janome machines, like the Button Sewing Presser Foot T, which is for more than just attaching buttons. It can also be used to attach ribbons and bows to a blouse or bag. A useful tip when using the Button Sewing Foot T is if the button is quite small, use a piece of tape to secure it to the fabric before stitching it in place.

Even the all purpose Zig Zag foot A has so many uses! It is the most versatile presser foot and can be used for multiple applications, such as seaming for garment sewing with a straight stitch at 5/8″ or for piecing a quilt at 1/4″ as there’s markings on the foot to help align the fabric. Use this foot with a zig zag stitch to finish off the raw edges of the fabric, attach elastic, or to attach a ribbon or a decorative braid to the fabric.

Did you ever wonder what that black button at the back of the presser foot was for? When pressed in, it slides a bar across the back of the foot holder to keep the presser foot level. This is especially useful when sewing thicker layers, and when hemming, specifically a pair of jeans with that bulky side seam. When the presser foot is not level, the machine can not feed the fabric as easily, or as optimally, causing the fabric to bunch up, creating smaller stitches. This little black button helps you over that bump! What is even better is that once you’ve stitched over the bump, the black button resets itself and releases on it’s own. There’s no need to hold the button in place once it’s engaged; it’ll adjust itself as needed. Cool!

Just one of the practical and invaluable tips you’ll find in the Janome Presser Foot Workbook.

So many presser feet, sew many uses! Our friends at Sew4Home wrote a wonderful review of the Janome Presser Foot Workbook and each of the addendums available to help you get the most from your Janome presser feet and attachments. To see demonstrations of many of these presser feet and attachments, check out the Janome HQ Instagram LIVE series “A to Z with Janome“, which has also been uploaded to the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

Contact your local dealer for more details!

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