BIG New Stabilizers from Madeira!

As Janome continues to outdo themselves by creating larger and larger embroidery hoops;

  • 2019 debuted the largest embroidery hoop on the Janome MC550E with the 7.9″ x 14.2″ RE36b hoop

so continues the need for larger and larger pieces of stabilizers. Yes, we can try to join together smaller pieces of stabilizer in a pinch, but that takes more time, adds more bulk and can potentially cause a shadow through to the right side of the fabric.

Janome Canada now has 5 NEW larger rolls of different types of Madeira stabilizer, conveniently available from your Janome Canada dealer.

E-Zee Tear Plus – Crisp 1.8oz 23″x50 yard roll #18-23-50

E-Zee Tear Plus – Crisp is a sturdy, heavier weight stabilizer, 1.8oz, so it’ll stand up to dense embroidery designs, yet easily tears away afterwards. At 23″ wide, it easily accommodates the BIG new RE46D embroidery hoop of the Janome CM17.

E-Zee Cut Away 1.5oz 23″x50 Yards #13-23-50

E-Zee Cut Away is a stabilizer designed to be left in your project with the excess cut away after embroidering. It’s ideal to use for projects which need more support and structure.

E-Zee Cut No Show Fuse 20″x25 Yards #304-20-25-W (White)

E-Zee Cut No Show Fuse is great to use for garments, especially knits, as it fuses to the wrong side of the fabric, preventing the knit fabric from stretching out of shape while the design stitches out. It also comes in black to use with darker fabrics.

E-Zee Cut No Show Fuse 20″x25 Yards #304-20-25-B (Black)

Don’t be concerned if you have some leftovers when you cut the stabilizer. Use these cut offs to add support when stitching decorative stitches and buttonholes. Nothing goes to waste!

E-Zee Tear Away Stick On 1.5oz 21″x25 Yards #21-25

E-Zee Tear Away Stick On stabilizer has a paper backing which you can remove on one side once it’s hooped. Score the paper with a pin, or needle; I use my bass stiletto in an X shape to easily remove it, exposing the sticky surface underneath. This sticky surface prevents fabric from shifting, and is ideal to use for those thicker fabrics, napped fabrics, and those more prone to “hoop burn”. Velvet, is a perfect example. Hooping velvet in the traditional manner of stretching and sandwiching the fabric in between the outer and inner embroidery hoops will crush the pile and leave an imprint of the hoop in the fabric. Sometimes the imprint can be pressed and steamed away, but most of the time it can not. Avoid the issue by using a sticky stabilizer to “float” the fabric in the hoop.

This is also the perfect time to use the Baste feature built into every Janome embroidery machine! Basting around the edges of the fabric also helps hold it into place, so nothing is shifting while the design stitches out.

All these fabulous NEW Madeira stabilizers are IN STOCK in our Janome Canada warehouse, so check with your Janome Canada dealer for details!

Happy Sewing!

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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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2 Responses to BIG New Stabilizers from Madeira!

  1. CherylAnn says:

    Hi Michael, Very good blog! Now I just need to have Janome SHIP my machine so that I can buy some and use them on those wonderful new hoops. It was in April that I made the deal with my Dealer and she just got her machine – I thought that maybe, just maybe mine would have come too. So PLEASE, send it as soon as you train her tomorrow. I’ve already been playing and I do know what I’m doing. It is so intuitive, like it almost knows me already and this one isn’t even mine.


    • janomeman says:

      HI Cheryl, thank you sew much for your feedback. Oh, I wish I had the power and control of things like shipping machines, but that is out of my hands, lol! Once the dealers receive their training, the rest of their machine orders will be released, which will include your machine, so it should be shipping later this week. It’s great you’ve already been practicing and falling in love! it’s a fabulous machine and well worth the wait! Happy Sewing!

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