Machine Embroidered Luggage Tags

I’m taking my first trip on a plane in two and a half years at the end of this month! I’m both excited and a bit nervous. Something that is helping me get over the latter is prepping my travel gear.

I decided I wanted to spruce up my rather minimalist luggage with a peppy new personalized luggage tag. I figure it’ll be a great way to distinguish it among the other bags as it comes rolling off the luggage carousel.

This little project was super fast and easy and you can customize any of these steps. You can also find a number of in-the-hoop (ITH) luggage tags, or even key tags, fyi, to even further simplify the process. But I found this straightforward method worked well for me.

Using the largest hoop for my Janome Skyline S9, I set up my fabric; two layers, wrong side together, with a piece of medium weight stabilizer sandwiched in between.

Next I used the Janome AcuEdit app to set up my monogram for the luggage tag. Using the script font that comes with the app, I varied the size (medium, large, medium) of my initials just to make it a little more fancy.

Using the Copy tool, I duplicated the image to make four up at a time.

This was the perfect opportunity to break out my metallic thread from Madeira. This thread works wonderfully for machine embroidery.

These were pretty heavy on the stitching but each image went pretty quickly.

I ran upstairs while the third image was being stitched up and fully intended to be back downstairs in time to switch over to a new colour (metallic green!) but something must have caught my attention and I got distracted. By the time I came downstairs, everything was done. Opps!! My fault for not setting the colours in the Janome AcuEdit app. That simple step would have automatically stopped after each set was done. Next time!!

Once these were done, I made myself a luggage tag template. Basically I drew out a tag shape I wanted to use and cut it out on heavy card stock. Using this card stock, I marked each tag out on the fabric using chalk.

At this point, I switched my Janome Skyline S9 from embroidery over to sewing, which is done with literally the touch of a button.

Using the Janome Satin Stich Foot (F) I set out to stitch the outline of the luggage tags using the satin stitch.

I played around with adjustments to the width and density of the satin stitch considerably. I finally settled on a very concentrated stitch but a smaller width.

These changes are really easy to make with just a press of a button to increase or decrease width and stitch density (length). I did a number of test stitches before I settled on this final set-up.

Once I had stitched around the outline of the luggage tag, I carefully trimmed the excess fabric.

Finally, using the Janome Automatic Buttonhole foot (R) and one of the buttonhole stitches, I made a buttonhole at the top of the tags to insert a piece of ribbon to attach the tag to my luggage.

All set for my trip!!!

Well.. except I still need to pack! Unfortunately, that’s one thing my Janome sewing machine can’t help me with.

Do you love packing for trips or are you like me and put it off to the last possible moment? What travel related sewing projects have you done?

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2 Responses to Machine Embroidered Luggage Tags

  1. momwil44 says:

    Cute tags but I think you should include last name and phone number so they can easily contact you when your luggage is lost. I know they can identify you from the tag they attach. My neighbors luggage showed up after she returned home from Europe two weeks later.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. The great thing about these luggage tags is that they’re a blank canvas to be customized however you wish. That’s part of the fun! Happy Sewing!


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