Janome Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot (F2)

What is the Open Toe Statin Stich Foot?

The Janome Open Toe Satin Stitch foot (F2) is aptly named because the center front area of the foot is open. There is no plastic “bar” across the foot as in the regular Janome Satin Stitch foot (F). The open toe area of this foot allows for a better view of the needle and stitch pattern being sewn.

Janome Open Toe Satin Stich Foot (F2)

The foot is made of clear plastic, making it easier to view the stitching. This foot can also be referred to as a Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot or Applique foot. The back and underneath side of both the Open Toe (F2) and regular Satin Stitch Foot (F) has a groove which allows for the raised decorative stitches to form and escape easily.

Janome Open Toe Satin Stich Foot (F2)

What is it used for?

This foot can be used for quilting, monogramming, applique, and cutwork. It’s ideal to use for sewing dense zig-zag stitching and decorative stitches, though it’s also a wonderful all-purpose foot for a number of reasons. First, this foot has a really great wide open toe design allowing you to see exactly what you are sewing, letting you take full advantage of the maximum stitch width of your machine. Since this foot is clear, you can see exactly where you are lining up the fabric and where you will be sewing. It’ll help keep you from going off center unless, of course, you want to. lol!

It makes it easy to do applique stitching or embellishments. Perhaps you want to sew a patch onto a garment or rows of decorative stitches on the button placket or cuff, or across a joke. This foot will work great for all that, and more!

The Janome Satin Stitch foot (F) is a common accessory that comes with many of our machines. Check your instruction manual to see if there was one included. Some machines also come with the Janome Open Toe Satin Stitch foot (F2), and it’s also included in the Quilting Attachment Kit for 7mm and 5mm machines.

If your machine did not come with either of these presser feet, head over to the Janome website to find the right fitting Satin Stich Foot for your machine and order from any Janome dealer.

How to Use:

Snap it on, dial up your stitch width to the max and sew away! Familiarize yourself with this foot as it may seem a bit awkward at first having such a wide open toe, but you will soon find it quite enjoyable. It’s like drawing with a crayon! A stitch crayon! Lay down those stitches and be bold.

Notice while you are stitching that you can see all around and through the foot. This is great if you plan to sew circles, attach patches, or create scallop stitches.

Be sure to use a stabilizer under your fabric to support all those decorative stitches!

What Machines will it fit?

The Janome Satin Stitch foot (F) and Open Toe Statin Stitch foot )F2) is not one size fits all. They each come in 3 different sizes to accommodate the maximum stitch widths of Janome machines. The machines range from 5MM, 7MM to 9MM Please be aware of the stitch width of your model. 

Not sure what your machine is? Use this handy guide below.

You can also find more information in the Accessories Guide available on Janome.Com in the USA and a Bilingual Accessories Guide on Janome.CA in Canada.



There’s a Janome Satin Stitch foot (F) and Open Toe Satin Stitch (F2) available for every sewing machine model, including the popular 5mm and 7mm models below.

Clockwise from the top left: Janome 5300QDC, Janome Sewist 725S, Janome/New Home Artic Crystal, Janome HD1000BE

There is also a Janome Satin Stitch foot (F) and Open Toe Satin Stitch foot (F2) for 9mm machines and a special Open Toe foot for AcuFeed models, so there’s lots of options available whatever the machine model.

So, now you have a little background on the Janome Open Toe Satin Stitch foot and why it is so useful. Go ahead and see what you can create using this foot with your Janome machine!

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