Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20

I am so excited about the new machine in our studio. I am very lucky to now have access to a Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 with the Pro Stitcher to boot! It arrived a few weeks ago and is now prominently displayed at the front of the shop at Giroux Sewing Centre for everyone to check out.

With the help of a couple of friends and the instruction manual we were able to set the whole thing up in a few hours. Once we got the frame level and ready to go, it didn’t take me long to load a quilt on it.

Some of the features I am very excited to have are the little things like the light right next to the Bobbin case for easy viewing, no flashlight needed. Look at all that lint! The light in the bobbin area helps when changing the bobbin, but is especially helpful when it’s time to clean the area. Keeping your bobbin case, hook assembly and bobbin area clean will definitely help keep your stitching beautiful and trouble-free.

A light in the bobbin area – one of the many convenient features of the Janome QMP 20!

Speaking of lighting, the adjustable brightness of the LED lighting is a bonus for any room. You can independently adjust and turn off the LED lighting around the needle and in the throat of the machine.

The 20″ throat space gives you that much more room to work your designs, especially when working with quilt blocks which are on point.

The table is nice and sturdy and you can easily adjust it from 4′, 8′ or 12′ when you set it up.

Everything is at your fingertips, there’s even a magnetic strip to hold your tools like your seam ripper and scissors. Once your quilt is all set up on the frame, its just a few clicks on the tablet to get your design ready to sew and quilt your masterpiece.

I have a bit of a learning curve to get up to speed on everything this machine and the Pro Stitcher can do. I will be posting blogs and tips I learn along the way so stay tuned and follow me as I learn everything this machine can do. Contact your local dealer for more details.

Happy Quilting!


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