Learning to Quilt; Youth Edition

When should kids learn to sew? That is such a tricky question.

Can you teach teeny tiny kids to sew? Absolutely! Will this foster a love of sewing for them forever? Maybe.

Sewing is such a great skill to have, but starting kids young doesn’t mean they will be making their own wardrobe by the time they are in high school. As a Fiber Artist I definitely want to share my love for sewing with my kids and create opportunities for them to dive in, but never really want to force it.

When my oldest daughter, Alice was 5, I bought her a Janome SUV1122 for Christmas. At that time she had decided she wanted to be a fashion designer so I thought this would be the perfect time to get her started. She sewed on it maybe 3 times since then and she is now 11. She never seems too interested in what I’m sewing except to ask me to make her things.

A few weeks ago we headed out shopping in the cute little town of Exeter, ON. We went up and down the main street and found such great shops. We then dropped our packages off at the van so we could head into The Quilt Kitchen with free hands. Alice knows that these fabric shopping trips often take longer than I say and I end up with wayyy more fabric than I need.

Wandering through the shop Alice spotted a quilt and fell in love! The quilt was a compilation of two patterns “We Women” and “We Women Words” by Happy Sew Lucky. 

The Quilt Kitchen Kit Version (Photo Courtesy of The Quilt Kitchen Instagram)

She asked if we could buy the quilt kit because she wanted to make it. Without hesitation I said yes! This was the moment I knew I could hook her. She then said “Do I have to keep the quilt in my room if I make it?”. I dug a little deeper on this. Why wouldn’t she want to keep a quilt that she spends hours and hours making in her room?

It was the colours. Although the colours in the shop kit were perfect for me, they weren’t her favourites. I then explained the beauty of making things yourself, you can pick any colours your heart desires.

Alice all set with her new fabric from The Quilt Kitchen!

Alice started picking out her fabrics and we talked about which colours she was drawn to and how to choose colours that would give her a nice balance. The Quilt Kitchen store owner Tammy was so helpful in making sure we got exactly how much we needed. Alice was on cloud 9! She showed her new fabric to everyone she could!

Once we got home we set to washing the fabrics and deciding on the quilt layout she wanted, printing the templates and getting organized. We are almost ready to get sewing! Alice is spoiled because I have all the quilting things which made planning this quilt super easy.

We are going to take you along on Alice’s journey of making her first quilt! Alice will be making it on her Janome SUV1122 and I will be here recording the journey and sharing with you all some things that I find help with making sewing accessible to kids!

Stitch on!

~~ AmandaBee

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8 Responses to Learning to Quilt; Youth Edition

  1. Kathy says:

    I am excited to see how much Alice learns and grows in her quilting journey! So happy for you. You go girl! Enjoy your new world of quilting and collection of material for other adventures.
    Janome owner, long time quilter and fabric collector too!


  2. Cathy Adair says:

    Loved this story about your daughter, hope she will continue on with quilting. I have sewed since I was 13. Have always loved it. Your email sent me to the HappySewLucky website and I purchased the Sisterhood quilt design. Can not wait to make the pattern. The colors your daughter picked out are beautiful hope we get to see the finished quilt or wall hanging. I enjoy all the Janome emails . I own 4 machines. With a small Embroidery business I started in 2014 I was lucky enough to pay for my machines. No longer in the business but enjoy my machines for all kind of projects for Birthdays and Christmas gifts. Making quilts and table runners, really having fun. Cathy Adair North Carolina


    • AmandaBee says:

      Hi Cathy! I hope she continues to quilt! I’m excited that you are trying the pattern too! You will have to share your finish with us!


  3. sparky says:

    Love this. My daughter at 39 is just now starting to be interested in sewing ! Lol – I have this pattern and so many more by the same quilt artist of happy sew lucky, Berene Campbell. Her patterns sew out very nicely and there are even more on her site to inspire your daughter. After this you should have her check out her tattoo quilt it’s amazing. Keep her sewing! Yay


  4. Marie Newman says:

    How wonderful. I have had four of my grandchildren sewing on my feathers weights. Two have made panel quilts. Good luck. I’m looking forward to the journey.


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