Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Madeira Serger Thread

Aerolock and Aeroflock for the Urge to Serge

While most of the projects on Sew4Home feature sewing rather than serging, that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans of using a serger/overlocker! A serger is the ideal way to create a clean edge on any seam. Not only does the cutting blade trim the fabric edge, the upper and lower looper threads wrap around that edge, securing and protecting it from fraying. A pro finish every time! You can read more about our serger love in the S4H article: The Top Five Reasons To Own a Serger.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger.

Today, we want to talk a bit about the serger thread you should use in your machine – specifically, Madeira Aerolock and Aeroflock. First off, YES, it is best to use “serger/overlock” thread in your serger. Made specifically for the machine’s interlocking motion, serger thread is smooth and consistent in diameter so it can pass quickly and easily through the guides and prevent knots from forming along the edges.

Madeira Aerolock and Aeroflock serger thread is finer than regular sewing machine thread; two-ply versus regular three-ply, which is why it is also specially wound on a cone and comes in larger yardages than a traditional sewing thread spool. The thread unwinds off the top of the spool, allowing it to flow tangle-free into the serger for high-speed sewing. As with all of Madeira’s quality thread types, Aerolock and Aeroflock do not leave a lot of lint that could clog the serger.

Madeira Aerolock is a strong, two-ply core-spun 100% polyester thread popular for all-purpose serging. “Core-spun” means the thread is a polyester core wrapped in polyester. This two-ply combination makes the fiber strong and resilient, even at the super high speeds for which sergers are famous.

Janome FA 4 Free Arm Serger.

Because a typical overlock stitch has several threads used together in one seam, it’s best to use a two-ply thread versus a three-ply thread to eliminate bulk. Madeira Aerolock is in two weights: the 125 is the most common and popular, but there is also a lighter weight Aerolock 180. Both options are perfect to keep seams soft and to stretch with knits without breakage. It’s also colorfast!

Janome Canada stocks Madeira Aerolock serger thread in two sizes and color selections to coordinate with your fabric: Aerolock 125  in 33 colors on 2743 yard/2500 meter cones and Aerolock 180 in 12 colors on 2200 yard/2000 meter cones.

Janome PRO 4DX Serger.

While Madeira Aerolock is typically used in the serger’s needles, we love using the heavier-weight Madeira Aeroflock in the loopers. It’s a fluffy, textured thread with a bit of stretch to it. Take advantage of that stretch for knits and swimwear, and because Madeira Aeroflock is so soft, it’s a good choice on clothing for babies and children so the finished edges aren’t rough against their delicate skin. But, we all like soft edges; we use it on nearly all our personal clothing projects!

Because Madeira Aeroflock is a 100% polyester thread, it won’t melt with the heat of the iron or dryer the way similar threads that use nylon will.

Slightly heavier than the Madeira Aerolock, Madeira Aeroflock wonderfully fills in the seam, allowing you to create perfect rolled hems. Try it along the edge of a placemat or napkin! Its weight and texture also makes it wonderful for decorative techniques.

Janome Canada stocks Madeira Aeroflock serger thread in 24 colors on 1100 yard/1000 meter spools. And, YES, those 24 colors are within the same color range as the Madeira Aerolock, so everything matches beautifully.

Janome 7034D Magnolia Serger

Janome Canada also offers two great boxed sets:

All three serger thread options are just $9.99 per spool – very economical at the larger spool sizes!

The Janome Mini King box with 24 1320 yard/1000 meter spools in the most used, everyday colors: 4 Black, 4 Dark Gray, 8 White, and 4 Cream. It retails for $199.00.

The Madeira Aerolock Mini King box contains 1320 yard/1000 meter spools in 12 of the most popular colors. It retails for $119.99.

Check with your local Janome Canada dealer for more information about the boxed sets as well as which displays of individual spools and cones they may carry.

By: Liz Johnson, Senior Editor,

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