Janome Machine Spotlight: AT2000D Air Thread Serger

Since its debut about 4 years ago, the Janome AT2000D Air Thread serger has been Janome’s Top-of-the-Line serger, and one of our most popular machines. It’s easy to see why.

We have loads of blogs on Janome Life about the Janome AT2000D, and about using a serger in general. Use the SEARCH box on the right to find all previous posts on sergers, and in this case, on the Janome AT2000D model specifically.

You’ll also find many serger tips and tricks on the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

Janome AT2000D Air Thread Serger.

There are many reasons to love the Janome AT2000D serger, but of course, threading the loopers is the big highlight. In most other sergers, threading the Lower Looper is often a two-step process; open the side cover and move the looper to the left to thread one or two guides, then move the looper back to the right to thread the last guide. Not the end of the world, but it does take more time to do it this way.

Using the Air Thread engineering, however, simplifies and speeds up the process so it’s actually FUN to thread the serger! Click on the videos below to watch how easy it is to thread the Lower Looper. Don’t blink! It happens super-fast!

Next is the Upper Looper. Again, don’t blink as threading a serger has never been this fast and easy!

Simply raise the lever to prime the air thread chamber of the respective looper you want to thread, then press it down and it blasts the air – and the thread – through the chamber and out through the respective guide at the end. It’s truly amazing!

Here is that same Air Thread action from another angle. You’ll see the large white Air Chamber on the right, and the large metal spring which is attached the lever at the front of the machine on the left. The Air Chamber is plastic, but look at all that metal inside the machine, including the cast aluminum skeleton which ALL Janome machines have.

I love when our technician, Marc, is servicing machines so I can get the inside view of the mechanics of how our Janome machines are built and how they work. Taking the covers off the machine like this is definitely something we should NOT try at home! Leave this level of service to the professionals!

There’s even a built-in needle threader to thread both the Left and Right needles, making that process faster and easier, as well. No wonder Janome has won so many awards with this machine!

To help you get the most from your machine, there is a Janome AT2000D Workbook available from Janome dealers which is filled with exercises to help you get comfortable adjusting the tensions and dials of the machine. Using a serger is not difficult; it’s actually quite a fun, easy to use machine, but it does take practice and experimenting to get the right stitch for the right fabric and the right application. There are many serger related videos on the Janome HQ You Tube channel which you may find helpful to watch, as well.

Part Number WBAT2000D

Happy Serging!

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  1. Carol Froling says:

    Love my Air Threader.


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