Janome Continental M17!

For our December Janome Life blogs, I was asked to share with you a favourite Janome machine or product which makes my sewing easier, more enjoyable; something I can’t live without. The answer is so simple! I love all the features, revolutionary technology, and advanced techniques of each of my Janome machines, however, since I regularly use my Janome Continental M17, particularly for embroidery, I have to choose it as my favourite thing!

I am amazed by the features of the embroidery part of this machine!!! I embroider everything I can get my hands on, and I keep saying “I’m wearing my machine” because I embroider almost all my clothes!!!


1,230 built-in embroidery patterns are standard, including Designer collections, ten embroidery fonts and numerous projects in the hoop (ITH) to keep you engaged and creative. In addition, the NEW Embroidery Link app for Android and Apple devices will allow users to customize and edit these same patterns, adding and removing elements to create a one-of-a-kind embroidery. It will even recalculate stitches to perfectly digitize a design to fit any of the 5 included embroidery hoops. With so many standard stitches and embroidery patterns, personal creative expression is limitless!

Some of the built-in Christmas designs


Our largest set of hoops and embroidery designs ever created! The RE46d hoop is reinforced with carbon fibers for strength and stability as it offers embroidery freedom at 11 x 18.1″. No other machine on the market offers this kind of stability and precision at this size, even when embroidering at speeds of 1200 spm. Four of the embroidery hoops included have a new lever clamp system to tighten the hoop, and the carriage has the NEW on-screen hoop size detection technology, so you can’t make a mistake. A bonus Quilting Kit with the 10.6 x 10.6″ (270 x 270 mm) AcuFil magnetic hoop for quilting in the hoop is also included.

Hoop RE46d 11 x 18,1”, the largest in the domestic industry
Hoop RE46d is reinforced with carbon fibers which are 10x stronger than iron, making this big hoop extra strong!


If you’ve found that you sometimes need a third hand to tighten the screws on your hoops, you’ll love the easy clamping lever! Install your stabilizer and fabric, then close the lever to lock it in place. An easy step for a perfectly taught hoop, especially for those with dexterity issues. This makes hooping a breeze!


This NEW technology advancement protects your machine and helps you avoid making the mistake of selecting the wrong design for the wrong hoop. Click the hoop into place and the machine will display an alert on the large LCD screen; it will NOT let you proceed to embroider without selecting and engaging the correct hoop.

On screen editing on the large 10.1×10.1″ LCD screen to customize designs as you wish.


Your options for discovering and using the Janome CM17 are limitless. Use the NEW AcuAssist interactive app to master the machine’s intuitive and extensive functionality. It’s basically your instruction manual – and more – at your fingertips!

With the Embroidery Link app, you can resize, redesign, and arrange embroidery without sitting in front of your machine. And with AcuSetter, AcuSketch, and the Screensaver app, you can take your machine customization and embroidery capabilities to the next level.

All Janome apps are FREE! iOS (12.0 and later) and Android (5.1 or later)​
Wireless connectivity


Janome’s NEW embroidery foot, the PM Precision Marker with LED alignment feature, indicates the position of the needle on the fabric before embroidery begins. Perfect for embroidery that requires precise alignment or use to align the needle with the design after a thread break.


A great tool for quilting in the hoop, the ASQ27d 10.6 x 10.6” (270 x 270 mm) magnetic hoop uses 8 large magnets to securely hold fabric thicknesses in place. The accompanying hard acrylic template provides precise alignment of the design and helps condense the layers while securing the magnets in place. With the included Artistic Digitizer jr. software, create edge-to-edge quilting patterns and take advantage of the built-in patterns in AcuFil Tools. Print templates for precise design placement to turn your embroidery machine into a longarm quilting machine!

Yes… It is possible to embroider our quilting!!!

Since I bought my Janome Continental M17, I’ve been using it to do live demonstrations every week on the Janome Canada Facebook page in French every Friday at 2pm Eastern, and Janome America Facebook page every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern, and sometimes in the Janome Continental Club Fridays at 3pm Eastern.

Perhaps you’ll think about adding the Janome Continental M17 to your Christmas gift list this year? Check out the Janome Canada Holiday Gift Guide for more Janome gift ideas and contact our Janome Dealers for details!

I will tell you more about this wonderful machine very soon!

Happy Holidays!

About Céline Ross

À cause des imprévus de la vie, j'ai changé de carrière très tôt dans ma jeune vie d'adulte. Toute mon éducation scolaire, du primaire au secondaire et jusqu'au professionnel, m'a été enseignée par les religieuses CND qui étaient... très exigeantes. Ces professeurs m'ont inculqué le goût de bien apprendre, l'appréciation du travail bien fait et l'envie de toujours me perfectionner. Je n'aurais jamais osé ouvrir mon École de couture sans cette formation ni cette certification. Lorsque je deviens revendeur autorisé Janome en avril 1982, la compagnie poursuit ma formation côté machine à coudre et je deviens Éducatrice. Mon travail est varié; je donne des formations aux marchands Janome pour l'Est du Canada et d'ailleurs. Je participe à des Salons, à Janome Institute, je publie un cyber bulletin, j'ai fondé un 'Club de broderie' à Montréal en 1994 et, depuis l'année dernière, chez d'autres marchands. Je confectionne des échantillons avec les nouveaux produits que Janome ne cesse de développer. Et, depuis aujourd'hui, je blogue ! Après toutes ces années dans ce domaine, je garde toujours le même enthousiasme à apprendre et à transmettre mes connaissances. Janome est à la fine pointe de la technologie moderne et ne cesse de me faire progresser.
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3 Responses to Janome Continental M17!

  1. CherylAnn says:

    Thank you Celine! I agree that this is the greatest Janome machine, but they are all wonderful in my experience of over 38 years of being a loyal Janome customer. Keep up you lovely videos – I attend all that I can “live” but if I miss I catch up as soon as I have a minute to watch.
    Cheryl from snowy Saskatoon


    • janomeman says:

      HI Cheryl! Thank you sew much for your comments and compliments, and, as always, thank you for sharing the Janome love! A snow day is a SEW day! Happy Sewing!


    • Céline Ross says:

      Thank you Cheryl to address me this personal nice comment. I guess I am older than you because I bought the Memory 7 in 1981…!!!! Since 41 years I am a loyal Janome fan and my sewing school is totally equip with all the TOL machines/sergers/software/ artistic edge/ felting/ accessories etc…. since 1982. I make sure I prepare my ‘live’ with FRESH new samples for better explanation. I really want Janome attendees learn their machine. It is my duty. Again THANK YOU and I wish you Happy Holidays !!!


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