Janome Quilt Maker Ruler Base

There are so many accessories for the Janome Quilt Maker longarm quilting machines from which to choose, but one that stands out for me is the Janome Acrylic Ruler Base for my Janome Quilt Maker Pro20. I just can’t quilt without this attachment, lol! I use it all the time.

Good news is that there’s a Ruler Base for all the Janome stand-up longarm quilting machines.

So, what exactly is this Ruler Base and when do you use it? The Ruler Base extends the area around the needle of the machine to provide stability when using rulers, guides, and templates. This ruler base is for use with the Quilt Maker Pro 20., but again, there is a ruler base which fits each Janome stand up longarm quilting machine, including the new Janome Quilt Maker15. Not only is it a necessity when using rulers, it’s also very handy to use when doing regular quilting as it’s a place to rest your hand on the fabric when doing free motion, for example, and adds more stability to the quilt.

You can easily remove the base if you want as it will allow just that extra bit of space at the front of the machine to not hit the bar, but for myself, I just leave it on for convenience. It’s also great to use if I have to mark the quilt as it gives some extra support to the fabric and improves accuracy of the marks.

As mentioned, each Janome stand up longarm machine has its own ruler base.

  • For Janome Quilt Maker Pro20 Part Number: HG00458-JA
  • For Janome Quilt Maker Pro 16 Part Number: HG00457-JA
  • For Janome Quilt Maker 15 Part Number: HG00446-JA

Of course, since I mentioned the Ruler Base, I may as well mention all the terrific rulers available to use from the Janome Sew Comfortable line. There are so many rulers and templates in every size and shape, so the creative possibilities are endless!

The Janome Multi Clamshells Ruler has so much versatility that I consider it a great starter ruler. Not only can you use it for all over clam shell designs, I also use it when I want to quilt around appliqué pieces. The clamshell ruler has 4 different sizes of clamshells, plus the dotted lines make it easy to line up the designs. Full instructions are included, as well as some fun shapes and designs you can create, as pictured below.

When purchasing rulers for quilting, the important thing to remember is the thickness of the ruler. For the Janome longarm quilting machines, it’s best to use rulers and templates which are 1/4″ thick. Never use your rotary cutting rulers, or domestic sewing machine rulers as they are too thin and may slide under the hopping foot of the longarm machine.

However, you can use these 1/4″ thick rulers on your high shank domestic sewing machine, so they’re a wise investment.

Before you start quilting with rulers, Rule #1 is to make sure you have the Janome Quilt Maker Pro EZ Ruler Foot. This foot is made to use on all Janome longarm quilting machines and can be used with all the Janome Sew Comfortable 1/4″ rulers and templates. The edge of the foot is a bit higher to accommodate the thickness of the rulers, and there’s a little divot in the top of the foot for improved visibility of the needle.

There are many videos on Ruler Quilting, such as Janome America’s You Tube channel to help get you started. I hope you enjoy all your holiday quilting on any of the Janome Quilt Maker machines. The satisfaction of finishing your quilts yourself is very rewarding.

Be sure to check out more fun and versatile Janome accessories in the Janome Canada Holiday Gift Guide, and, as always, double-check with your Janome dealer for details!

Happy Quilting!


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