Janome Continental M17! (Part 2)

If you read my previous blog about why the Janome CM17 is one of my favourite things, you know more about some of its impressive embroidery features. However, this wonderful machine doesn’t just do embroidery, it also sews like a dream and offers many high-definition technology features and functions. At my sewing school, the teaching is mainly garment sewing, but the Janome Continental M17 does it all!

While I appreciate Janome’s cutting-edge technology, I’m excited as soon as I open the lid as the top cover has a button with soft touch opening. (Yellow circle in the left photo) Sometimes the little things really do matter!

The two spool pins are retractable and pop up with flick of a switch. (Yellow circle in the middle top photo) The spool pins are spaced apart extra-wide to accommodate larger cones of thread. The retractable telescoping thread mast provides optimum high-speed thread delivery, just like the industrial machines used in the garment industry. There’s even an extra “hook” which attaches to the thread mast when doing embroidery couching. Janome thinks of everything!

The industry-first two synchronized LCD screens allow you to use and customize the machine as you desire. The middle LCD screen is 4.3 ” positioned to the right of the needle at eye level, next to the commonly used, convenient buttons every sewist enjoys; needle down/up, reverse, lock stitch, auto-presser foot lift, thread cutter and auto-needle threader! The large 10.1″ LCD screen is positioned at an angle to the right of the machine. It’s the same size as an iPad tablet! This screen will display all your 850 stitches and 1230 built-in embroidery designs.

The LED lighting is placed in four strategic locations and includes nine bulbs to ensure a bright and shade-free work area.

Changing thread and threading are done in the blink of an eye thanks to the integrated motorized auto-needle threader that never misses the eye of the needle. Follow the correct steps as detailed on the machine and in the instruction manual and it works like a dream, every time. I do not hesitate to change sewing thread whenever needed, and I’m back to stitching in no time.

The NEW Thumb Wheel is truly a first in the home industry and was designed with users in mind. Since the machine is quite large with a 13.5″ bed to the right of the needle, plus the size of the right LCD screen, the balance wheel which cycles the needle is quite far away. The designers created the Thumb Wheel directly above and to the right of the needle for convenience, so no need to reach very far, all the functions and controls you need are within easy reach.

The same is true for the One Touch/ On-Screen Needle Plate removal. Using the power supply of the stepping motor, one touch of the LCD screen automatically raises the needle plate. No screwdrivers needed, no screws to lose, no levers to push, just one touch of either LCD screen and, you’re done! The machine comes with three needle plates, so this makes switching them a breeze.

Another innovation which debuted on the Janome Continental M7, is the SFS-1 Intelligent Feeding System where the feed dogs stay down, until you start to sew. As soon as I start sewing, the feed dogs rise, then lowers itself as soon as the seam is finished. This makes positioning thicker layers and bulkier fabrics under the needle much easier as the feed dogs aren’t getting in the way adding resistance.

Also, to help feed fabrics more easily, the NEW “Floating” Mode has been developed to allow more techniques and adjustments when using fine fabrics to avoid slipping, or curling, or to help layers feed more easily and consistently when using thicker fabrics. When you select the Floating mode key, it will adjust the height and pressure of the presser foot which you can refine it on the screen using the plus or minus buttons. The machine will grey-out all those stitches which are compatible with the Floating Mode. It’s such a comfort using such an advanced machine which does something thinking for us.

In regular sewing mode, the Janome Continental M17 comes with 850 built-in stitches; They are divided into 15 categories, many which are NEW to Janome. The NEW Magnetic Stitch Charts are a fun, convenient way to search for the stitches you want. There is a storage compartment at the back of the machine to keep these cards at your fingertips. Yet another new innovation from Janome!

There is so much information to learn about this machine, so review the following documents and contact your Janome Dealer for a test drive.

> Feature Sheet – English 

> Features and Benefits – English 

> CM17 Accessories – English 

> View Quick Start Guide

There is nothing better than going to your local authorized Janome dealer to see their samples and to get a really good demonstration to see some of what this machine can do!

About Céline Ross

À cause des imprévus de la vie, j'ai changé de carrière très tôt dans ma jeune vie d'adulte. Toute mon éducation scolaire, du primaire au secondaire et jusqu'au professionnel, m'a été enseignée par les religieuses CND qui étaient... très exigeantes. Ces professeurs m'ont inculqué le goût de bien apprendre, l'appréciation du travail bien fait et l'envie de toujours me perfectionner. Je n'aurais jamais osé ouvrir mon École de couture sans cette formation ni cette certification. Lorsque je deviens revendeur autorisé Janome en avril 1982, la compagnie poursuit ma formation côté machine à coudre et je deviens Éducatrice. Mon travail est varié; je donne des formations aux marchands Janome pour l'Est du Canada et d'ailleurs. Je participe à des Salons, à Janome Institute, je publie un cyber bulletin, j'ai fondé un 'Club de broderie' à Montréal en 1994 et, depuis l'année dernière, chez d'autres marchands. Je confectionne des échantillons avec les nouveaux produits que Janome ne cesse de développer. Et, depuis aujourd'hui, je blogue ! Après toutes ces années dans ce domaine, je garde toujours le même enthousiasme à apprendre et à transmettre mes connaissances. Janome est à la fine pointe de la technologie moderne et ne cesse de me faire progresser.
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2 Responses to Janome Continental M17! (Part 2)

  1. Saving this post…I’m on the list for an M17 and I can’t WAIT! The Embroidery patches you have posted have me inspired to truly master digitizing so I can create my own. This post with all the “daily” wonderful upgrades has me truly excited. So glad you share with the world–thank you Celine, Michael and Janome Canada for all the work and dedication you put into these posts. Waving hullo from just south of your border from Maine!


    • janomeman says:

      HI Sarah!
      Thank you sew much for your feedback and compliments to our team. We so appreciate it! You will certainly appreciate your fabulous CM17 as soon as you start sewing and creating with it. I look forward to see as I love your work! Happy Sewing!

      Liked by 1 person

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